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The Best Time To Visit Meghalaya For A Memorable Trip

the best time to visit Meghalaya

Weather Of Meghalaya

Meghalaya tourist destination is very famous for its beautiful mountain ranges, heavy rains, sunshine, high plateaus, breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, and grasslands. But do you know what is the best time to visit Meghalaya? To know that, you need to know about its climate first.

The environment of Meghalaya is for the most part mellow. In August the mean temperature at Shillong (in the Khasi Hills) is in the low 70s F (around 21–23 °C); it tumbles to the upper 40s F (around 8–10 °C) in January.

One of the world’s wettest locales is found in Meghalaya—Cherrapunji, which has normal yearly precipitation of around 450 inches (11,430 mm) during the storm season (from May to September). Annual precipitation in Shillong, just around 50 miles (80 km) from Cherrapunji, is around 90 inches (2,290 mm). Throughout the cold weather months (December to February), the environment is generally dry.

The environment of Meghalaya changes with the elevation. The environment of Khasi and Jaintia Hills is interestingly charming and propping. It is neither too warm in summer nor too cold in winter, however over the fields of Garo Hills, the environment is warm and muggy, besides in winter.

Consistent with its name, the Meghalaya sky rarely stays liberated from mists. The normal yearly precipitation is around 1,150 cm.


Temperature Details Of Meghalaya


Max. (°C)

Min. (°C)Avg. (°C)Max. (°F)Min. (°F)

Avg. (°F)



 4.9 10.460.6 40.8




 7.3 12.3 63.3 45.1




 11.2 16.4 70.9 52.2




 14.4 18.9 74.3 57.9




 15.9 19.6 74.1 60.6




 17.9 20.8 74.7 64.2




 18.5 21.2 75.0 65.3




 18.2 21.1 75.4 64.8




 17.3 20.5 74.7 63.1




 14.1 18.1 72.0 57.4




 9.3 14.4 67.1 48.7




 5.9 11.4 62.4 42.6


Best Time To Visit Meghalaya

best time to visit Meghalaya

Walking in Meghalaya means being hypnotized by the magical world of nature at every step. Spread between the Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia hills, the natural beauty is scattered there. In such a small area, such amazing paintings of nature are rarely seen.

Upon reaching here, it seems as if God has chosen to fill color in a big canvas, somewhere in the form of clouds, somewhere in the form of springs, somewhere in the form of rivers … hills, forests, caves, tree roots Wonderful bridge made, what is not in this canvas.

October to March is the best time to visit Meghalaya. During this time, the weather is also pleasant for tourists. Although you can visit Meghalaya in any season throughout the year, the best time is from October to March.

Summer Season  (April– June)

The easily warm climate allows you to fulfill your interest as you adventure outside and investigate the area. This makes the late spring season the best time to visit Meghalaya. With the zone being blustery, the skies are continually shady and cloudy for the duration of the day, making it an astounding time to take part in some experience exercises and the best time to visit Meghalaya. The evenings can get somewhat moist and henceforth you could resign inside and unwind during that time.

Monsoon Season (July – September)

Meghalaya likewise gloats of two of the rainiest urban communities on the planet – Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram. This makes storms the ideal time to wait on the slopes and appreciate a hot refreshment as you cuddle into a cover with your family.

Going out and investigating the territory isn’t suggested during this time of the year. In any case, the area compensates for the reality with foggy mornings, dewy and lavish glades, and cascades that beat down tenaciously in a tough spot.

Autumn Season (October – November)

The steady showers leave the climate of Meghalaya in fall chilly, wet, and muggy. The wet state is dabbed with cherry bloom trees that are in full sprout during this time of the year. The temperatures begin to plunge with the colder time of year season being practically around the bend.

Winter Season (December – February)

The climate of the winter season in Meghalaya is easily cold. As the days pass by, temperatures plunge further. In any case, the days are very warm in the light of the sun and the evening time carries with it some virus winds.

The long stretch of December isn’t pretty much as cold when contrasted with January and February. The climate, be that as it may, stays clear.

Local Festival Of Meghalaya

Local Festival Of Meghalaya

The state of Meghalaya is believed to be home to dance and music. The festivals of Meghalaya are associated with their different dance forms and hence they are enjoyed throughout the year. Each tribe has its own set of festivals in which they actively participate to enhance their festive spirit and get into their monotonous life.

In fact, the indigenous festivals of this beautiful state reflect their diverse heritage during the festive season of sowing and harvesting. Most of the festivals in Meghalaya revolve around agriculture, which is a major occupation of the people of the state.

Shad Suk Mynsiem Festival

Shad Suk Mynsiem Festival

The Shad Suk Mynsiem is the main celebration of the Khasi Clans of Meghalaya. It additionally celebrated by the Jaintia and Garo Clans of Meghalaya. This celebration is commended in April, consistently.

This is an uncommon festival of moves and is otherwise called ‘Move of bright hearts’. It is a three-day celebration and is prominently known as the ‘Shad Phur’. This celebration is commended principally in the Khasi Hills; masterminded near Shilong.

Nongkrem Festival

Nongkrem Festival

The main celebration among the Khasis, the Nongkrem Festival is commended each year at Smit, 15 km away from Shillong. It is a fundamental seat of the Hima Khyriem (Chief of Khyriem).

The customs are performed by the Syiem, the top of the Khasi state, and ka Syiem Sad (head priestess) who is loved as the overseer of the functions and individuals.  It is celebrated for a decent collection, harmony, and thriving.

Individuals from everywhere the country and the world come to observe the festival that is joined by young ladies playing out the Shad Kynthei and the men surrounding them playing out the Shad Mystieh, as an image of male force and assurance over the ladies.

Behdeinkhlam Festival

Behdeinkhlam Festival

The Behdeinkhlam celebration is a four-day celebration and is praised by the Jaintia Clan. The Bhdeinkhlam signifies ‘Pursuing away the Plague’ and is accepted to avoid wrongs.

It is praised during the planting season when individuals of the Niamtre religion assemble petitioning God for plentiful produce.

It’s praised in July, consistently. Different customs alongside penances occur during this celebration. The men of the Janitia faction assemble and play the Datlawakor – like soccer, however with a wooden ball. It is accepted that the individuals who dominate the match will have awesome creation that year.

Shad Sukra

Shad Sukra

Shad Sukra is commended by the Jaintia individuals consistently in the period of April or May. It is a festival before the planting season. Each Jaintia rancher hangs tight for this celebration before he can start the planting of seeds.

Ceremonies and dance are joined by the drums and the flute to appeal to God for a plentiful and productive season. People participate in the celebrations in their customary best, vigorously decked in gold trimmings.

One can proceed to observe this richness of culture at Jowai Town, West Jaintia Hills. The town is arranged 64 km away from the capital city of Shillong.

Wangala Festival

Wangala Festival

Wangala Festival is commended by the Garo public, denoting the finish of the farming year. It is a thanksgiving celebration for Misi-A-Gilpa-Saljong-Galapa, the divine force of fruitfulness.

This celebration is presently prominently known as Hundred Drums Festival. During this celebration, an extraordinary named Nagara is beaten for what people dance smoothly.

The clothing standard for the men is generally the dhotis, half-coats, and turbans with plumes, and the ladies are wearing brilliant dresses made of silk, pullovers, and a head-wrap with quills.

Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Meghalaya isn’t finished without its music scene. The capital city of Shillong is named the Rock Capital of India which is as it should be. With the wonderful environment and a laid-back demeanor of regular day to day existence, the adolescent and the old enjoy music.

The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is a yearly occasion that is highly anticipated by the music-adoring horde of the state. With the picturesque excellence and colossal friendliness of the neighborhood individuals, the celebration is without a doubt an upbeat one.

The dynamic piece of the celebration by offering food and drink slows down contribution the best of the neighborhood cooking. It is an absolute necessity visit by music sweethearts from everywhere the country and abroad.

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival

Meghalaya has been facilitating the Strawberry celebration consistently to advance ranchers and food creation from the organic product. The environment of the state is completely fit for the much-adored organic product.

Individuals crowd to Umsning and Sohliya town in the Ri-Bhoi region each February on Valentine’s Day to appreciate lavish and sweet strawberries.

The celebration isn’t just for families and friends and family to come and appreciate however to add to the development of the neighborhood ranchers and backing their economy.

Average Tourist Volume Of Meghalaya

Average Tourist Volume Of Meghalaya

Meghalaya regardless of having a few bottlenecks has had the option to pull in a huge number of tourists whose numbers have taken off to1002907 during 2017, as per the state’s tourism office.

The State is additionally giving a decent battle to the Himalayan territory of Sikkim which got 14.25 lakh tourists a year ago.

According to the measurements of the Meghalaya Tourism Department, a year ago 990856 Domestic tourists visited Meghalaya while the number of unfamiliar tourists was 12051

In 2016, the number of homegrown tourists visiting Meghalaya was 830887 while the number of unfamiliar tourists was 8476, and the total number of tourists visiting the state in the year 2016 was 839363

According to the measurements in the year 2000, the total number of tourists who visited the state was a simple 172256 and the state has certainly made considerable progress similarly as turning into a tourists center point of the locale.

In spite of the fact that the tourists’ stream in the state has expanded quickly inferable from the way that they express no longer observers any strikes and bandh, tourists visiting the state actually grumble of numerous inadequacies.

Explored Place To Visit In Meghalaya

Most tropical forests are found in Meghalaya tourism. Birds, mammals, insects, and reptiles can be seen in the forests here. Meghalaya Tourist Place is very important in terms of tourism. The crowds of tourists coming from far and wide are located at the Meghalaya tourist place.

Khasi Hills

Khasi Hills

The Khasi Hills included in the Meghalaya tourist destinations are named after the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya. The Khasi Hills are a part of the Garo-Khasi Range and are known as a part of the chain of the larger Patkai Hills.

Which are a series of hills on the border of India and Myanmar in the North-East region. Asia’s second-largest river island “Nongkhum Island” also occupies this attraction.



Mawsynram is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world. This place is like a paradise for rain lovers and nature lovers. Masinram and Cherrapunji are close to each other.

The meaning of Maasinram is derived from the word “Mav” Khasi, which means stone. The size of this village is similar to that of Sivalingam and is known for collecting stalagmites.



Dawki Lake is a famous lake to see in Meghalaya. Dawki Lake is a major center of trade between India and Bangladesh. A boat ride in this attracts tourists a lot and also motivates them to go sightseeing nearby.

The cold water of the river and the beautiful suspension bridge over the Umangot river makes Dawki a place worth seeing in Meghalaya.



Shillong Tourist places in Meghalaya The capital of Meghalaya State is a tourist destination. This is the first such hill station in the country that can be reached from all four sides. Shillong is named after a powerful deity U-Shyllong.

Its elevation is about 1,491 meters above sea level and the distance from Guwahati to Shillong is about 100 kilometers.

Shillong Hill Station is also known as Badalo’s residence. Where is it also known as “Scotland of the East” due to its delightful hills.

Tura City

Tura City

Tura is a large city located in the West Garo Hills for walking in Meghalaya. The main attraction of Tura tourist destination is Nokrek National Park. The park is about 12 kilometers from the city of Tura. Tourists visiting Meghalaya turn to this place.


Baghmara meghalaya

Among the places to see in Meghalaya, Baghmara tourism is not only rich in flora and fauna, but its other attractions include lakes, rivers, hills, and many places of natural importance.

Baghmara is located about 4 kilometers from the city of Meghalaya. Here is the Baghmara Reserve Forest. Where langurs, elephants, and birds are inhabited.

Jowai City

Jowai City meghalaya

Tourist places in Meghalaya are located in Jawanti Hills. The attraction of Jawai is its beautiful setting and beautiful views attracting tourists.

This place called Jawai is an unbroken mixture of vast heritage and cultures, which reflect the lifestyle of the people. The Thadlasken Lake and Lalong Park are famous tourist destinations. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Dawki Cherrapunji

Dawki Cherrapunji

Dawki Lake is a famous lake to see in Meghalaya. Dawki Lake is a major center of trade between India and Bangladesh. A boat ride in this attracts tourists a lot and also motivates them to go sightseeing nearby.

The cold water of the river and the beautiful suspension bridge over the Umangot river makes Dawki a place worth seeing in Meghalaya. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Waterfalls Cherrapunji

Nohkalikai Waterfalls Cherrapunjee

The Nohkalikai Falls, considered among the places to see in Meghalaya, is considered the fourth highest waterfall in the world. The Nohkalikai Falls has a height of about 335 meters. Tourists come from far and wide to enjoy and enjoy this waterfall. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is a man-made lake in Shillong. This lake is located 15 km north of Shillong, the capital of India’s north-eastern state of Meghalaya. The best time to visit Meghalaya

This lake is like a paradise for those who are interested in the beauty of nature. Also, the lake is quite popular as a popular picnic spot for the people around it. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Jaintia Hills

Jaintia Hills

The Jaintia Hills, a tourist place in Meghalaya, is a land of majestic hills and is part of the former Jaintia Empire. These tourist spots are full of rich natural flora and mineral wealth. The best time to visit Meghalaya

This hill located in Meghalaya is an important part of many Patkai hills. This mountain range extends along the Indo-Myanmar border. However, the Jaintia Hills are smaller hills than the Cough and Garo hills.

Nohsngithiang Falls

Nohsngithiang Falls

Nohsingithiang Falls, which is included in the tourist places of Meghalaya, is located about 4 kilometers from Cherrapunji. This waterfall is one of the major tourist destinations of Cherrapunji.

This waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in India and falls from a height of about 1033 feet. Nohsingithiang Falls is located in Mavsmai village in Meghalaya. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Unexplored Place To Visit In Meghalaya

If you are thinking about which places to go to in Meghalaya that will worth the money and energy you are investing in, then it is most important that you start planning and preparing your trip much in advance. Plan to visit even the unexplored places in Meghalaya. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Lady Hydari Park

Lady Hydari Park

The Lady Hydari Park, a tourist destination in Meghalaya, is a favorite destination for every tourist visiting here. The park is dedicated to the first lady of the province, “Lady Hydari”. The best time to visit Meghalaya

This huge park is also known as a beautiful mini zoo. 73 species of birds and more than 100 reptiles can be seen together at Lady Hydari Park. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Mawsmai Cave Meghalaya

Mawsmai Cave Meghalaya

Meghalaya has some amazing and mysterious caves in the tourist spots. Mawsmai Cave is one of the most popular sites. Mawsmai cave is about 6 kilometers from the center of Cherrapunji. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Like a labyrinth, shining light and countless stones can be seen in this cave. The length of the Mawsmai cave is 150 kilometers. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Kyllang Rock

Kyllang Rock

This tourist place of Meghalaya, Kailang Rock is about 78 kilometers from Shillong, the capital of the state of Meghalaya. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Here Kailang Rock, a giant rock made of red granite, is a huge dome placed in the West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. The height of this rock is 5400 feet above sea level and the width is 1000 feet. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Mawlynnong Village: The Cleanest Village Of Asia

Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong village remains the center of tourist attraction for viewing in Meghalaya. Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya state is also known as ‘Gods on Garden’. In the year 2003, this village has achieved the status of being the cleanest village in Asia. According to the 2014 survey, there were about 95 houses in this village.

The literacy rate among the people dependent on agriculture has been observed to be 100%. The main agriculture here was betel nut. Mawlinnang village of Shillong is also known as Cleanest Village in India.



The headquarters of Meghalaya’s historic Williamnagar East Garo Hills district was named after Captain Williamson A. Sangma, the first Chief Minister of the state of Meghalaya. In 1837, Grass had the last resistance to the British invasion of the Garo Hills. The best time to visit Meghalaya

State Museum Meghalaya

State Museum Meghalaya

The Meghalaya State Museum is an attractive tourist destination for tourists. In which a collection of artifacts and ancient scriptures of tribal times are kept and kept. This beautiful museum is located at Lychumier in the State Central Library complex and is maintained by the Meghalaya State Government.

Must-Try Foods And Beverages In Meghalaya

Foods And Beverages In Meghalaya

Meghalayan people have their own distinct taste. Their dishes are also different. One thing that is common among them is that they are most fond of non-vegetarian dishes. The best time to visit Meghalaya

  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Chicken
  • Fish are used prominently here.

Apart from this, these people also use Seasonal green vegetables, green bamboo, and local herbs. Apart from this, people here give more importance to rice than bread. Let us know about 10 major dishes of Meghalaya in this further article. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Minil Songa

Minil Songa

It is a famous dish of the Garo community. It is prepared from green bamboo and rice. The method of making it is also very unique. In this, rice is made by filling it in green bamboo. Which is served with spicy chutney.

Kyat Drink


This is a party drink. It is prepared with rice. In which some flavor is also mixed. It is known as the beer of Meghalaya.



It is a vegetarian dish. Which is prepared by soybeans. It is the common food of the Khasi community. Which is easily found everywhere in Khasi Hills. The best time to visit Meghalaya



It is also a non-vegetarian dish. Which is prepared from chicken meats. Its taste is also excellent. People here serve it with plain rice. This dish is one of the dishes of the Garo community. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Nakham Bitchi

Nakham Bitchi

This is a dry fish soup. Which people here serve before eating. It is prepared by dried fish. The fish are dried by incense or fire. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Then the fish is boiled in water and its soup is made with other ingredients. It is a favorite dish of the people of this place. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Doh Niang

Doh Niang

This dish is very tasty. Falls in the category of elevated dishes. This dish is prepared with thick gravy by pork or cow meat. Green chilies, onions, garlic, ginger, and black pepper are used to make its gravy.

This dish is exactly like the chicken pepper of Delhi. Its taste is also unmatched. Khasi is one of the main dishes of the community. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Doh Khlieh

Doh Khlieh

Doh Khalih is a delicious and nutritious dish. It is like a fragrant salad. In which fine pieces of pig, cow, chicken, fish meats are made with onions and green chilies. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Some people also use seasonal vegetables like carrots, cabbage, bamboo copal, etc. This dish is a favorite dish of the people here with roti and rice. It is one of the main dishes of the Khasi community. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Jadoh Thali


Jadoh is a very popular dish in the Khasi community of Meghalaya. This dish is also a famous dish of North India mainly due to its color and taste. Jadoh is a dish originally made of rice and meat. Whose color is yellow and red. It is mostly made with boar and cow mitt. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Some people also make it with chicken and fish. A mixture of onion, ginger, turmeric, green chili, etc. is prepared to make it. Which is cooked together with meat and rice. Some people also make it in pig’s blood. They believe that cooking in the pig’s blood provides it courage. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Things To Do In Meghalaya

Meghalaya is an astonishing spot to visit and the absolute best activities in Meghalaya incorporate touring. It is a condition of water, the spot is loaded up with streams, water bodies, and cascades. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Traveling and outdoors are the most well-known exercises in Meghalaya. Traveling is a tiring movement yet the sensation of satisfaction and one gets subsequent to completing their trip is unrivaled. So. let’s now see what are the most exciting things to do in Meghalaya…

Go Trekking To Double-Decker Living Root Bridges

Trekking To Double-Decker Living Root Bridges

Living root bridges in Meghalaya is one stunning beautiful puzzling wonder of Meghalaya. The journeying to this impressive two layer root connect or once in a while known as the living root connect in Meghalaya is something that will blow your mind. Traveling is among the numerous activities in Meghalaya.

Appreciate Water Sports At The Umiam Lake In Meghalaya

Water Sports At The Umiam Lake In Meghalaya

This huge wide lake is spread in a territory of 10 square km. Because of its sheer size, the lake is likewise famously known as Barapani locally. This is one spot to be on the off chance that you like experience sports – particularly water experience sports. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Camping Around Umiam Lake In Meghalaya

Camping Around Umiam Lake

Mainstream for experience sports and an excursion spot – outdoors at the Island in Umiam lake will give you a fantastic high. One can enjoy a ton of audacious games including joomering, rappelling, rock climbing, zip-lining, and so many more. The lake is brimming with stunning noteworthy enormous trees and rich green beautiful magnificence. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Explore The Mawsmai Cave In Meghalaya

Explore The Mawsmai Cave In Meghalaya

These wondrous buckles make for an exciting experience in Meghalaya. The caverns are dim, profound, and exceptionally thin. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Experiencing the caverns is a super test as there are just a single passage and one leave point in a troublesome unpleasant landscape. The best time to visit Meghalaya

This stimulating experience is one that travelers regularly discover somewhat alarming however they do it at any rate because of the high rush included. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Explore The Siju Cave In Meghalaya

Siju Cave In Meghalaya

These extremely old lime arrangements – are among the dazzling common wonders in the province of Meghalaya. These are otherwise called bat caverns as the caverns are brimming with flying bats. Travelers and earthmovers discover these dazzling caverns incomparable with their uniqueness. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Things To Avoid In Meghalaya

  • Females explorers ought not to endeavor alone around evening time, however, in the event that you do as such, consider taking a companion alongside you.
  • Try not to litter waste from your vehicle window or on the roads. It makes a terrible impression on local people and other individual explorers. The best time to visit Meghalaya
  • Do not forget to carry sunscreen lotion, Umbrella, Sunglasses, and slipper if you are visiting Meghalaya in Summer
  • Try not to enter a confined or precluded region, notwithstanding, in the event that you need to visit, at that point consistently look for direction and purpose behind your visit to the police headquarters.
  • While shopping, be mindful of promotes and specialists who are just out there to cover you with counterfeit things. The best time to visit Meghalaya
  • Regard and be amenable to the local individuals of Meghalaya, their propensities, and way of life.
  • Try not to purchase specialties or products produced using secured or imperiled creatures.

Travelers Hack By TravelJunction

Travelers Hack For Couples

meghalaya for couple

Elephant Falls is a major destination among the tourist destinations of Meghalaya and it is one of the most popular falls in the North East state. Elephant Falls is a paradise for tourists. The best time to visit Meghalaya

The British named this reservoir the Elephant Falls or Elephant Falls because of its elephant shape. However, this stone has been damaged due to the earthquake in 1897. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Travelers Hack For Family

When you are traveling to Meghalaya with your family, you can visit the famous Don Bosco Museum as it will provide valuable information to your little ones. Don Bosco Museum is a place to collect collective information about the whole of North-Eastern India in one place to visit Shillong. The best time to visit Meghalaya

It has a theme museum, costume, handicrafts, regional artwork in the museum, ornamentation, photographs, and weapons have been collected. The museum is a seven-storeyed building. The best time to visit Meghalaya

Travelers Hack For Friends

If you are going to Meghalaya with your friends then must go to the double-decker living route bridges.  The double-decker living route bridges included in the tourist destination of Meghalaya are 3 kilometers long and at an altitude of 2400 feet. Double Decker Living Route Bridge Meghalaya promotes popularism and attracts tourists.

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