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Which Are The Most Important Rivers Of Karnataka?

rivers of Karnataka


Karnataka is one of the most important and developing states of India. Karnataka is also enriched with culture and natural beauty. The natural beauty of Karnataka attracts many tourists to visit Karnataka. There are also many rivers in Karnataka, which are the lifeline for the people of Karnataka. These rivers play a major role in Karnataka’s development. So, here I am giving some information on some important rivers of Karnataka. See this below…

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Kaveri River:

Kaveri river starts flowing from Brahmagiri series near Cherangla village in Kodagu district of Karnataka. Its origin site is located at 1341 m.
The river length is 800 km long till the sea is found. This river is surrounded by the Western Ghats in the west and east by the Eastern Ghats. There are narrow ridges in the south, which separate it from the Krishna river and the river basin of Penarna.

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Tungabhadra River:

Tungabhadra River is a sacred river of the South Indian Peninsula that flows in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Hampi is situated on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra river. This river is born by the union of the Tunga and Bhadra rivers, which gives it the name Tungabhadra river. A huge dam has been constructed on this Tungabhadra river (20 km southwest of Hampi) and this dam is also a part of the hydroelectric project.

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Penner River:

Penarnar river is located 11 km west of the Balarpur, from the Deccan Plateau in the southwest west, Karnataka state, south-west India. It enters Andhra Pradesh flowing northward and then towards East Coromandel East in the southeast direction and joins the Bay of Bengal near Nellore. Papadhan and Chitravati are their tributaries. In its lower valley, canals are irrigated. The distance from the ascension to the mouth is approximately 560 km. This river is seasonal, it rises after the rain and in the summer it becomes a thin edge.

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Kali River:

which is also known as Kalindi, to see B. This river comes from a small village Diggi, which is the lifeline of about 4 lakh people. Several dams have been constructed for the production of electricity on the Kali river. The Soma dam located in Ganeshgudi is the most prominent of all the dams on this river.

Palar River western ghats


Palar River:

Palar river is a river flowing out of the Kolar district of Karnataka state, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Its origins are in a place called Nandigur in the Kolar district. From Kaivara it turns to the southeast and exits from Mysore at Boringpath place. Subsequently, in the Northern Arcadoo district of the state of Madras, it turned towards the northeast and fell into the Bay of Bengal in the south of Madras in Chengalpattu district.

Its length is 47 miles in the state of Mysore, and the area of ​​its basin is 1036 sq. Mile works for agriculture. On this, the area of ​​Sonarkhan of Kalar from the Betamangla and Ramsagar ponds gets water. Its length is 183 miles in the state of Madras.

Bhadra River


Bhadra River:

Bhadra River is one of the famous rivers of Karnataka. This river originated from Gangamola in the Western Ghat range. The length of the Bhadra river is 171 km. At Koodli this river joins Tunga.



Malaprabha River:

Malprabha river is a tributary of the river Krishna and flows through the state of Karnataka in India. It rises in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 792.4 meters (2,600 feet) in the Belgaum district of the state. The river joins the Krishna river in Kudalsangama in the Bagalkot district.

Malprabha river is located in Kanchipuram, 16 km (9.9 m) from Jambati village in Karnataka, at Khanpur village in the Sahyadri mountain range at an elevation of 792.4 meters (2,600 feet). The origin of Malaprabha is an ancient temple dedicated to Mr. Mauli Devi.


Mandovi River:

The total length of the Mandvi river is 77 km, out of which 29 km flows through Karnataka and 52 km through Goa. This river originates from a group of thirty gold springs in the Western Ghats which is located in Bhimgarh of Belgaum district of Karnataka. In the catchment area of ​​the river, 2032 sq km in Karnataka and 1580 sq km in Goa. Dudhsagar Falls and Vajrapoha Falls are part of Mandvi.



Netravati River:

Netravati river is a river of Karnataka and Kerala. Nethravati River, 9 miles away from Sringeri, flows from the mountain of Varah-Mount or Shringangiri and falls into the west sea flowing towards Mangalore. The famous pilgrimage center of the south is 45 miles from Mangalore, on the banks of the holy place Netravali or Netravali.

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Tunga River:

Tunga River is one of the important rivers of Karnataka. The length of this river is 147 km. The river originated from the Western Ghat. The river flows through two districts of Karnataka. This river merges with the Krishna River in Andra Pradesh.

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