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# Top 10 Longest River In The World

longest river in world


If we talk about the longest river of India then the name of river Ganga comes on our mind, but do you know that the name of the Ganga is not included in the world’s 10 largest rivers. So, Let’s know about the top 10 longest river in the World.

Nile River, Africa


Nile River, Africa:

The longest river in the world is the Nile River flowing in North-East Africa. The length of the Nile is 6650 km ie 4132 miles. The Nile River, the largest lake in Africa, extends from Victoria and crosses the eastern part of the Sahara Desert into the Mediterranean Sea in the north. This is the world’s longest river.

Amazon River, South America


Amazon River, South America:

Amazon is the world’s second-largest river in length with a length of 6400 kilometers, slightly below the Nile River. But in many other cases, it is the world’s largest river. As it is the density of the water it is the world’s largest river. No other river also flows around it. The river flowing in this river is the fifth part of all other rivers in the world. In the rainy days, the width of this river goes up to 190 km.

Yangtze River / Chang Jiang, China


Yangtze River / Chang Jiang, China:

This river flowing in China is Asia’s largest and the third largest river in the world. Its length is 6300 kilometers. The Chinese government has also constructed a metro line across the river to connect the two parts of Wuhan city, the most populated area of ​​China. This river is also known as Chen Jiang in China.

Mississippi – Missouri River, United States


Mississippi – Missouri River, United States:

Mississippi-Missouri River is the largest of the United States and the fourth largest river in the world. Its length is 6275 km (3902 miles). The source of the Mississippi River is generally considered to be Lake of Itasca, but the most remote source of Mississippi is the Jefferson River. The Jefferson River is the tributary of the Missouri River, as the Missouri River is a subsidiary of the Mississippi. When the length of Mississippi is measured from this estuary to the most distant source, then it is called Mississippi-Missouri-Jefferson.

Yenisei-Angara-Selenga-Ider, Russia, and Mongolia


Yenisei-Angara-Selenga-Ider, Russia, and Mongolia:

The Yenisei-Angara-Selenga-Ider river is the 5th longest river in the world, which flows in Russia. The length of this river is 5539 km ie 3445 miles. These are the three rivers that go along with each other. This river originates from the central part of Mongolia, and flows through many regions of Russia, these rivers are found in the Arctic Ocean.

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Yellow River, China


Yellow River, China:

Yellow River is the main river of Central and South Asia, which is the 6th longest river in the world. Its length is 5464 km ie 3398 miles. It flows through China, Tibet, India, and Bangladesh. The origin of the Yellow River is from the Himavah of Chemayung Dung near Mansarovar in the south of Tibet. Its name is Yan-Lu-Tsang-Pu Chiang (Yellow) in China, Snoop in Tibet, Dehun in Arunachal and Brahmaputra in Assam. This river joins in the Bay of Bengal, along with the Padma, the original branch of Ganga flowing south through the name of Jamuna in the border of Bangladesh. It is the deepest river in the world.

Ob-Irtysh River, Russia, and Kazakhstan


Ob-Irtysh River, Russia, and Kazakhstan:

The Ob-Ertis River or Oby River is a river in the Western Siberian region of northern Asia and is the seventh longest river in the world. It is considered the third great Siberian river flowing in the Arctic Sea with the Yenisey River and the Lena River. The beginning of the Ob river is 26 km south-west of the city of Beeze in Altai Krai, Russia, and the confluence of the river Ban river and Katun river. The length of this river is 5410 km (3364 miles).

Parana River, South America


Parana River, South America:

The Paraná River is a river flowing in South Central America. It travels 4,880 kilometers (3,030 miles), flowing in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. This is the second largest river after the Amazon River in the flowing streams of South America. The name of the Paraná River means ‘Big like the sea’. First, it is found in the Paraguay River and then falls further down into the Uruguay River and joins the Atlantic Ocean, creating the mouth of the Rio de la Plata river.

Congo River, Africa


Congo River, Africa:

The river Congo is also known as the River Jeire River. It is a major river of Africa. This river, which covers the distance of 4700 kilometers (2922 miles), is the largest river in West-Central Africa and the longest river in Africa after the Nile River. The river falls in the sea by holding a seven-mile wide form at its mouth. It sails 2 million cubic feet of mud water per second in the sea, which is four times the average of the entire Mississippi. Its mud water can be seen as distinct from seawater separately for 100 miles from sea level and up to 4,000 feet depth.

Amur River, Russia, and China


Amur River, Russia, and China:

Amur River is the tenth largest river in the world. This river is also the distant international border of Russia and the booming international border of northeast China. Amur river was an important part of the clashes between Russia and China that started in the 17th century and lasted until the 20th century. Amur River is born in the hills of Manchuria, at the height of 303 meters from the Shilka river and Agun river. Its length is 4444 kilometers ie 2763 miles.