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List Of The Major Rivers In India And Their Sources

Rivers In India


Rivers In India have been an important contributor to the economic and cultural development of the country since ancient times. The Indus Valley and the Aryan civilization have emerged in the valleys of the Indus and Ganga rivers. Even today, the highest population of the country and the accumulation of agriculture are found in river valley areas.

Due to commercial and transport facilities in ancient times, most of the cities of the country had developed on the banks of rivers, and even today, almost all religious places of the country are related to some rivers in India.

Classification Of Rivers in India:

Rivers in India can be classified into four groups such as

  1. Himalayan Rivers
  2. Peninsular Rivers
  3. Coastal rivers
  4. Rivers of the interstate flow area

Today we will talk about the major rivers in India and where they originate, what are their branch river and we will also discuss where they go and fall.

List Of Rivers In India


List Of Rivers In India:

Check out the list of rivers in India as well as their sources in this article below:

Indus River

Its origin is in the Kailash mountain ranges in the Tibetan region, with a glacier near Bokhar Chu, which is located at an elevation of 4,164 meters. In Tibet, it is called Singhi Khamban or Sher River. The Indus River falls into the Arabian Sea east of Karachi.

Sutlej River

The origin of the river Sutlej (origin) is the monster rhythm near Mansarovar lake located in the south of Kailash Mountain in Tibet. After crossing the mountainous region, it enters the plains near Rupnagar in Punjab. It collects the combined water of Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum rivers and goes to the Sindhu River in place of Mithankot in Pakistan.

Jhelum River

It comes from a waterfall near Vereenag, located at an altitude of 4900 meters in the southeast of Kashmir Valley. Many rivers in Kashmir come by it. Before entering Pakistan, this river passes through a narrow and deep Mahabhaan flowing through Srinagar and Woolar lake and it gets near Chengh River (near the Zhang) in Pakistan.

Ravi River

Ravi is another supporting river of Indus. It comes from the west of Rohtang Pass in Kullu hills of Himachal Pradesh and flows through the Chamba Valley of the state. Beginning with its origin, it is 720 km away from the Chenab river near Multan in Pakistan. Determines the distance.

Beas River

This river originates from the diameter Kund located at the height of 4067 meters in Rohtang Pass located in the Himalayas. In the whole Indus flow system, Beas is the only river that flows completely in India.

Ganges River

It is the most important river in northern India. In its catchment area, India’s most dense and fertile states come from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal.

Kaveri River

This river originates from Brahmagiri Hills in Kogadu district of Karnataka. In the Mysore Plateau or river, many rivers are made, in which Shivasamudram is famous.

Brahmaputra River

Brahmaputra river is also called the daughter of Brahma. One of the largest rivers in the world, Brahmaputra is located in the Kailash mountain ranges near Chemayungdug glacier near Mansarovar lake.

Yamuna River

The Yamuna is the most western and longest river (tributary river) of the Ganges. Its origin is Yamunotri glacier. Most of it comes in western and eastern Yamuna canals and Agra Nahar for water irrigation purposes.

Godavari River

It is also known as South Ganga. It originates from Nashik district in Maharashtra and falls into the Bay of Bengal.

Mahanadi River

The Mahanadi comes out near Sihava in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh. It flows through Orissa and immerses its water in the Bay of Bengal.

Chenab or Chandrabhaga River

The Chenab is the largest auxiliary river of Indus. This Chandra and Bhagwa meet two rivers, hence it is also called Chandrabhaga.

Chambal River

This river originates from Janapav hill near Mahu in central India, which is 616 meters high above sea level.

Ramganga River

This river is a relatively small river coming out of the hills of Garhwal near Garrison. In the end, near Kannauj, it is found in the Ganges River.

Sharda or Sarju River

The origin of this river is in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. It flows along the Indo-Nepal border, where Kali or Chaiq is called, the Ghaghara gets in the river.

Ghaghara River

The Ghaghara river is known as Karnali or Kuriala in the hill region and Ghaghara in the ground. The river Sharada meets in the ground and finally, it merges in the river Ganga in Chhapra, Bihar.

Koshi or Kosi River

It is one of the largest tributaries of the Ganges. Its origin is in the north of Mt. Everest in Tibb, from which Arun is its main body. Floods are abundant in this river, thereby causing a huge loss of wealth. Therefore it is also called the river of mourning.

Betwa River

It flows through Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jhansi, Joulan and flows in the north-east direction.

Son River

On the south coast of Ganges, there is a large auxiliary river, which emerges from the Amarkantak Plateau. This river, which forms a series of waterfalls on the northern edge of the plateau, merges in river Ganga river near Patna from Patna in the west.

Krishna River

It is the second largest peninsular river flowing eastwards, which runs near Mahabaleshwar in Sahyadri. Its total length is 1,401 km is.

Tungabhadra River

It is made up of Tunga and Bhadra rivers. Tunga falls from the Ganga Mool peak of Western Ghats of Karnataka and from Bhadra, Kadur district.

Mahi River

It is the third largest river in Gujarat after Narmada and Tapi. This river originates from Vindachal Mountains.

Narmada River

This river originates from an altitude of 1,057 meters from the western side of the Amarkantak plateau.

Tapi River

It is another important river in the west. It originates from Multai in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. It merges in the Khambhat Bay near Surat.

Damodar River

This river flows on the eastern edge of Chhotanagpur plateau and falls through the Ghansh valley to the Hooghly river.

Mahananda River

It is a tributary of the Ganges, which comes out from Darjeeling hills. This river is the last accessory river on the left bank of the Ganges in West Bengal.

Luni River

Two currents near the river Luni, Pushkar, are produced in the form of Saraswati and Sagritya, which are interconnected near Gobindgarh. It flows westwards to Talwara and afterwards, it runs into the run of Kutch, flowing south-west direction.

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Sabarmati River

The origin of this river is located in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan in the hills of Aravali. From here it is about 300 k.m. in the south-west direction. After settling down, it merges into the Khambhat Bay.

List of major rivers of India


List of major rivers of India

Sl. No.


Length (km)

Place of origin


Flow area (related state)

1.Indus River2,880 (709)Near Mansarovar Lake (Tibet)Sutlej, Beas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Shigar, Gilgit, ShyokJammu and Kashmir, Leh
2.Jhelum River720Lake Sheshnag, Jammu and KashmirNeelum, SindhJammu and Kashmir, Kashmir
3.Chenab River1,180Near Barra’s PassChandrabhagaJammu and KashmirJammu and Kashmir
4.Ravi river725Rohtang Pass, KangraSaho River, Soil RiverHimachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab
5.Satluj River1440 (1050)Rakasthanal near MansarovarBeas, Bipasa, SpitiHimachal Pradesh, Punjab
6.Beas River470Rohtang PassTirthan, ParvatiHimachal Pradesh
7.River Ganga2,510 (2071)From Gaumukh in GangotriYamuna, Ramganga, Gomti, Bagmati, Gandak, Kosi, Son, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Pindar, MandakiniUttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal
8.Yamuna River1375Yamunotri GlacierChambal, Betwa, Ken, Tons, Giri, Kali, SindhUttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi
9.Ramganga River690From a glacier near NainitalKhone Phapheng FallsUttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh
10.Ghaghara River1,080Matsatung (Nepal) glacierSharda, Karnali, Karvan, RaptiUttar Pradesh, Bihar
11.Gandak River425Nepal closer to Mughal border on Tibet borderKali, Gandak, Trishul, GangesBihar
12.Koshi or Kosi River730Saptakokoshiki (Gosaidam) in NepalIndravati, Tamur, Arun, KosiSikkim, Bihar
13.Chambal River960Janapav hill near MhowKali, Sindh, Sitpa, Parvati, BanasMadhya Pradesh
14.Betwa River480Near Ubaidullah Ganj near BhopalMadhya Pradesh
15.Son River770From the hills of AmarkantakRihand, KunhadMadhya Pradesh, Bihar
16.Damodar River600South East from Chota Nagpur PlateauKonar, Jamunia, BarakarJharkhand, West Bengal
17.Brahmaputra River2,880Near Mansarovar lake (Sangpo in Tibet)Ghansiri, Kapili, Suvensiri, Manas, Lohit, Nova, Padma, DihangArunachal Pradesh, Assam
18.Mahanadi River890Raipur near SihavaShivnath/Seonath, Hasdeo, Ong, Ib, Brahmani, VaitarnaMadhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa
19.Baitarani River333Keonar PlateauOrissa
20.Subarnarekha River480Chota Nagpur PlateauOrissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal
21.Godavari River1,450From the hills of NasikPranhita, Penganga, Wardha, Wainganga, Indravati, Manjeera, PurnaMaharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
22.Krishna River1.290Near MahabaleshwarKoyna, Yerla, Barna, Panchganga, Dudhganga, Ghatprabha, Malprabha, Bhima Tungprabha, MusiMaharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
23.Kaveri River760Brahmagiri near KerkarHemavati, Lokpavana, Shimla, Bhavani, Amravati, SwarnavatiKarnataka, Tamilnadu
24.Narmada River1,312Amarkantak PeakTawa, Sher, Shakkar, Dudhi, BarnaMadhya Pradesh, Gujarat
25.Tapti River724From Multai (Betul)Purna, Betul, Ganjal, GomaiMadhya Pradesh, Gujarat
26.Sabarmati River716Lake Jaisamand (Udaipur)Wakal, HathamatiRajasthan, Gujarat
27.Luni RiverSnake mountainSukri, Janai, BandiRajasthan, Gujarat, Mirudi, Joshi
28.Banas RiverFrom Khamanaur HillsKhari, MusiKarnataka, Tamilnadu
29.Mahi RiverFrom Lake MehdSomb, Jakham, Anas, SoranMadhya Pradesh, Gujarat
30.Hooghly RiverNear NabadwipJalangi River
31.Penna River570Nandi durg pahadiPaadhdani, Chitravati, Sagileru
32.Tungabhadra RiverThe Gomantak peak in the Western GhatsKumudvathi, Wardha, Tunga, Bhadra
33.Mayusa RiverNear Asonara
34.Sabari River418Suikaram HillSileru River
35.Indravati River531Kalahandi, OrissaKotri, Narangi
36.Shipra RiverKaakri Baradi Hill, IndoreChambal River
37.Sharda River602Milam glacier, Himalaya, KumaunGhaghara River
38.Tawa RiverMahadev Mountain, PanchamadiNarmada River
39.Hasdeo RiverKaimur hills in SargujaMahanadi
40.Kali Sindh River416Baglo, District Dewas, Vindhyachal MountainsYamuna River
41.Sindh RiverSiroj, Guna DistrictChambal River
42.Ken RiverVindhyachal RangeYamuna River
43.Parvati RiverVindhyachal, Madhya PradeshChambal River
44.Ghaggar RiverKalka, Himachal Pradesh
45.Banganga River494Barrath Hills, JaipurYamuna River
46.Somb RiverBeecha Menada, UdaipurJakham, Gomti, Sarni
47.Aayad or Berach River190Gomunda Hill, UdaipurBanas River
48South Pinakini River400Chenna Keshav Hill, Karnataka
49.Southern Tons River265Tamsa Kund, Kaimur Hill
50.Daman Ganga RiverPashchim Ghaat
51.Girna RiverPashchim Ghaat, Nashik