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Longest Canal In India | Indira Gandhi Canal

longest canal in India

Longest Canal in India: Indira Gandhi Canal

Sources: Harike Dam, Punjab

Length: 649km

Water Immersion: 18,500 cubit/second

Opening Date: March 31, 1958

Inaugurator: Govind Ballabh Pant

Indira Gandhi canal is credited with the longest canal in India. This canal is 649-km long, which gave birth to the Green Revolution in Rajasthan. It was developed by the industrial revolution and the social revolution that awakened the people’s consciousness.

This is the same huge canal which is known by the name of Maru Ganga and due to which there has been much improvement in the environment that the geography of that area of ​​the state with sand dunes has changed. Changing geography is creating a new history of western Rajasthan.

Indira Gandhi Canal


Indira Gandhi Canal

The Indira Gandhi Canal is also known as ‘Rajasthan Canal’. It flows in the north-western part of Rajasthan. The ambitious ‘Indira Gandhi Canal Project’ of Rajasthan is witnessing a miraculous change in the mystic area and it has started getting water for drinking water and industrial works along with irrigation in the desert.

Earlier this canal was known as ‘Rajasthan Canal’. Now its new name is ‘Indira Gandhi Canal’. Prior to the construction of the Indira Gandhi Canal, people had to get drinking water from several miles away, but now 1200 cusecs of water under the project have been reserved for drinking industry, army, and power projects.

Importance The Longest Canal In India For Rajasthan


Importance The Longest Canal In India For Rajasthan:

To make the canal in this waterless and uninhabited area, in the inaccessible and rugged terrain, exceptional and unbearable temperatures and opposite and terrible geographical conditions, the Himalayan ice was a courageous step in nature against nature.

But Rajasthan accepted this challenge and conquered nature with strenuous effort. This has given a new tweet to the sand dunes. Thousands of workers and engineers have dreamed of dreaming three decades ago with their labor intentions and skills.

Due to a shortage of rain and lack of water resources in the area filled with sand dunes, where people used to water and water, now the body has turned out and sand dunes have evolved into green fields. In the situation of the horrors of the desert, the way Indira Gandhi canal had interpreted as a canal form of a river, the example of this had not found elsewhere in the world.

It is a wonder, how the imagination of the canal from the green belt of Punjab, the canal of the border of Rajasthan to the Gadra road, in the border region of Rajasthan, border district of Barmer district. The total length of the canal system is 8,836 km. This has increased the value of land by five thousand crores.

Expenditure Amount For The Longest Canal In India


Expenditure Amount For The Longest Canal In India:

If we pay attention to the expenditure of this canal scheme, initially it had estimated at 66.45 crores by 1965, then in 1970, it was INR 200 crores. This amount has increased to INR 396 crore in 1977. In 1989, the amount of money went up to INR 1,675 crore and in 1990 it went up to INR 1,900 crore.

The actual expenditure was only 942 crores until January 1992. It had reported that by the year 2000, it got the credit of the world’s largest and important canal of 2,900 million. This means that the estimated cost of its expenditure will be 2,900 million at the beginning of the 21st century.

In newspapers and in the Legislative Assembly and Parliament many times it has been alleged that the completion of the canal is on the increase and the budget is also increasing.

Due to this, there is not enough amount of money. Whenever this plan had revised, the funds increased. In the beginning, the 400 km canal was now 649 km.

Over time, value also increased, inflation also increased. With the water of this canal, there is a problem of waterlogging in the Hanumangarh area, but there is also a solution.

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