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Artificial Lake In India | List Of Lake In India

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The part of the large water that is surrounded by land is called a lake. Most lakes are permanent while some lakes have water during the rainy season. The flames are made of glaciers and ice sheets, wind, river activity, and human activities. Here I am giving a list of man-made lakes in India. See the list below…

Ana Sagar Lake:


Ana Sagar Lake spread over an area of ​​13 km, is a man-made lake in India that was constructed by Anaji Chauhan, the patriarch of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Watersheds in the lake were built between 1135 and 1150 AD, with the help of locals.

Daulat Bagh Garden was built by Emperor Jahangir in the area around the lake. There is an island in the lake and beautiful gardens and it is surrounded by marble pavilions. Boats and water scooters are available from the eastern part of the Daulat Garden for tourists to reach the island.

Extra production was also done by the Mughals to increase the beauty of the lake. The Circuit House, which was the residence of the British, is located on a high hill near the lake.

Banjara Lake:

son river


Sundara Laka of Sagar is known for Lake Banjara, first to make the lake beautiful, trapping the drainage of dirty water in it, purification of water should be done, along with planting around the lake and making the lake beautiful. Go. At the same time, a large park should be built on the land adjacent to it.

Bhadrakali Lake:

Bhadrakali Lake man made lakes lakes in india


Bhadrakali Lake is one of the greater lakes in this piece of the nation. On the banks of this lake is the acclaimed Bhadrakali Temple.

This lake framed the drinking water resource for this region for quite a while. Furthermore, is associated with the manner dam through the Kakatiya trench.

The twelfth and the thirteenth hundred years saw the rise of the Kakatiyas. They were at first the feudatories of the Western Chalukyas of Kalyana, governing over a little domain close to Warangal.

Lake Foy Sagar:

Lake Foy Sagar man made lakes in india largest freshwater lake largest coastal lagoon


Foy Sagar Lake is one of the man-made lakes in India which was built near Ajmer in the year 1892 under the supervision of British architect Mr. Foy. The lake was originally constructed as part of a drought relief project, and it serves as an important source of water.

The beauty of the lake makes your visitors mesmerized. The lake is a flat shape that looks like a pancake. It is now widely popular among tourists and locals as a picnic spot.

Hussain Sagar Lake:

Hussain Sagar man made lakes upper bhopal lake dal lake


Hussein Sagar who is present in Telangana / Hyderabad, India, is known for its history, and beauty. Know about this in detail. Hussain Sagar Lake is one of the popular places and important tourist places in Hyderabad. This is one of the artificial lakes in India.

This Lake connects Hyderabad with Secunderabad, located about 2 km from Hyderabad city. Hussain Sagar Lake of Hyderabad is the largest man-made lake in Asia.

Kaylana Lake:

Kaylana Lake man made lakes dal lake


Kailana Lake Jodhpur For decades, the quenching quarrels of city dwellers await their rejuvenation. In order to develop Kalyana as a tourist destination, State Governments and Regional Representatives have made plans for development several times, and have made a wide range of announcements, but till now all the paperwork has been proven.

Mananchira Lake:

Mananchira Lake man made lakes


Mananchira is a man-made freshwater lake arranged in the focal point of the city of Kozhikode in Kerala, southern India. The lake is 3.49 acres (14,120 m2) in the territory, is rectangular fit as a fiddle, and is encouraged by a characteristic spring.

Mananchira was worked as a washing pool by the Zamorin Mana Vikrama, the primitive leader of Kozhikode in around the fourteenth century. The laterite obtained from exhuming the lake was utilized to develop two royal residences toward the east and west.

Pashan Lake:

Pashan Lake


Pashan Lake is arranged in Pune District. The job of Pashan Lake isn’t restricted to being only a spectacular one, to make your nights wonderful. It was a provider of drinking water to the Governor’s home (presently the Raj Bhavan) during the forties, and up to this point was a water hotspot for natives dwelling in Pashan and Sutarwadi territory.

Ramappa Lake:

Ramappa Lake


Ramappa Lake of Palampet Village in Warangal district is a wonderful example of the irrigation project of the Kakatiya government. This beautiful lake was built in the year 1213 BC under the rule of Ganapati Dev.

This 130 square kilometer Is spread over. It has about 9,000 acres of land irrigation. From this one km Far away is Ramappa Temple. There is no better example of the architecture of the Kakatiya government.

This temple is known as Rudreshwar or Ramappa Temple. It was constructed by Rashelra Rudra, the god of King Ganapati. There is no trace of the city between the lake and the temple.

Ramgarh Lake:

Ramgarh Lake


Ramgarh Lake is a very famous attraction in Jaipur, especially during the monsoon when the water fills upwards. The Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary has beautiful natural beauty with a special charm for wildlife lovers.

Ramgarh Lake is one of the artificial lakes in India which extends to an area of ​​15.5 square kilometers. By 2000, it was a major source of water for the city of Jaipur.

History tells us that the Maharaja of Jaipur used to hunt here. The Ramgarh Lake also organized the rowing program in the 1982 Asian Games.

Sanjay Lake:

Sanjay Lake


Sanjay Lake is one of the artificial lakes in India created by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in Trilokpuri in East Delhi, India, adjoining the Mayur Vihar-II neighborhood.

The lake is Spread over a region of around 17 hectares (42 sections of land) amidst a 69 hectares (170 sections of land) woodland zone, otherwise called Sanjay Lake Park.

Sanjay Lake was created during the 1970s by DDA and opened in 1982. The lake pulls in some transitory birds and has numerous indigenous trees. A well-spread-out wellness track is exceptionally prevalent with strolling fans.

Saroornagar Lake:

Saroornagar Lake


Saroornagar Lake is a lake in Hyderabad, India. From the time of its creation in 1626, the lake remained to a great extent clean until 1956 when Hyderabad extended. Spread more than 99 sections of land (40 ha).

The lake was re-established by the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority in 2003–04 at an expense of ₹200 million (US$2.9 million). After the rebuilding of the lake, transient feathered creatures came back to the lake in huge numbers a couple of years after the fact.

Waddepally Lake:

Waddepally Lake


Waddepally Lake is something other than a lovely waterbody in Warangal. The lake continues the life of individuals in Hanamkonda and Kazipet, as it is a noteworthy drinking water store for individuals there.

Thus, there is no uncertainty that Waddepally Lake is spotless and kept up more than most different lakes in the city.

Lake Pichola:

Lake Pichola


Pichola Lake is one of the artificial lakes in India which was developed in 1362 AD and named after the village named Pichola. A dam was constructed to meet Udaipur’s drinking and irrigation needs, in which the lake was built.

Maharana Udai Singh was greatly influenced by the lake environment, so he decided to build Udaipur City on the banks of this lake.


In India, man-made lakes are created for a variety of goals, including aesthetic or recreational ones, industrial or agricultural ones, hydroelectric power generation or household water supply, or both. Artificial lakes and man-made reservoirs are important sources of water for many countries across the world.

Although we have mentioned many man-made lakes in India but are also many others like Jaisamand Lake, Nainital Lake, Sambhar Lake, Kolleru Lake, Vembanad Lake, Chilika Lake, Bhimtal Lake, Umiam Lake, Bhakra Dam, Rihand Dam Pulicat Lake, etc.


Q. What is the largest artificial lake in India?

A. Lake Nasser is the largest lake (artificial) in India while the second largest artificial lake is Kariba.

Q. Which is the second-highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu?

A. There are many waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. But among all one is the second-highest waterfall.

Q. Which is the most beautiful waterfall in Tamil Nadu?

A. Tamil Nadu has some most beautiful waterfalls.

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