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Famous And Most Beautiful Cities In Kerala

cities in Kerala


Kerala is some of the best tourist destinations in India for any type of holiday and it is known as the country of the gods. It is considered a country of coconut, mutilated land, culture, and traditions. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth that is also known as “Gods Own Country”. Kerala is one of the best places in the world for any kind of family holiday or honeymoon. It is an area of ​​cultures, traditions and folk dances. The cities in Kerala are also very attractive among tourist. So, let’s know about some famous cities in Kerala.

Cities In Kerala:

Cities in Kerala are very much beautiful and rich in culture, that’s why Kerala is the most favorite tourist destination among many people. Here I am giving some of Cities in Kerala which are very beautiful and developed. So, see this below…




Thiruvananthapuram city is the capital of God’s own land. It is often called Trivandrum, which is taken from the original name given by the British. By the time the government did not give it its original name in 1991, the city was known by this name. It is located on the west coast of the southern tip of India. It has been a long time since people have to come ‘definitely’ and in recent times the National Geographic Traveler has listed it in this form. Mahatma Gandhi called this place “the city of evergreen”. Trivandrum is counted as “the cities of ten greenery of India”.




Alappuzha is known for touring the Kerala houseboat on the Mand and Kerala is one of the best destinations. This is one of the beautiful cities in Kerala. Alappuzha was described as one of the places known by Lord Curzon as ‘Venice of the East’. The fun of going to this place between September and May is a bit different. In addition to the beach, there are some other tourist places in Alappuzha such as Alappuzha Shri Krishna Temple, Krishnapuram Palace, Merari Beach, Arthunkal Church, etc.




Kannur, which is more popular as its ancient name, Kannanor, is a northern district of Kerala which is famous for its vibrant culture and rich heritage. This is one of the beautiful cities in Kerala. This area shares its boundaries with the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, where abundant natural beauty and cultural traditions are shown.

During ancient times, this district used to be a commercial center of the Malabar region, besides cultural and religious areas. Kannur shows the culture of many empires, which gives the area its land of strength and power.




Kottayam. Situated in the south of Kerala, the city lures those interested in backwaters all year long. In addition to Natural Beauty, Bird Sanctuary, Temples, Churches, Tracking sites, etc., also attract visitors very much. Between the beautiful scenes here, you must have some fun at some resort for a few days. In addition to joining adventure and nature, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary can go. This place is famous for elephants, cheetahs and special types of buffaloes.




Munnar is a major hill station of Kerala. Thousands of tourists visit here every year. This place pulls people away from life and running away from pollution. The beautiful plantation of tea spread over 12000 hectares is a specialty here. The most delicious tea from South India comes from these gardens. To get information on the production of tea is the tea museum where all the photos and information related to it are available. Apart from this, wildlife can be seen closer to here. The rare Nilgiri goats can be seen in Aranakulam National Park.




Cochin is in central Kerala and it is an easy way to travel from Kochi to tourist destinations in Kerala, Kochi is the starting point for the packages of Kerala tour, due to which it has become an attractive place. This is one of the beautiful cities in Kerala. The city of Ernakulam is a fast and modern city that is a mix of British, Portuguese and Dutch cultures. Ernakulam is also one of the finest natural ports in the world which are also known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’.




Located in Kerala of South India, Kozhikode is considered one of the major tourist destinations of the state. Actually, Kozhikode is the second name of Calicut which is used by locals. Calicut is an ancient destination that is famous for its charming beaches, historic forts, and lush green surroundings.

Kozhikode becomes a major destination during the summer. During this time you can see the indigenous and foreign tourists resting among the enchanting surroundings. This place is also a favorite weekend gateway from Bangalore and Kerala. Looking at history, it is known that Calicut was once called the capital of spices.




Located on the coast of Lakshadweep, Kollam is an ancient port city of Kerala. Until the formation of the Venad Empire in the 9th century, this region remained under the Chera dynasty of South India. Being a coastal city, business activities got a new dimension here, for many years, the city has business relations with China, Egypt, and Malaysia.

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Thrissur is officially known as Kerala’s cultural capital, Thrissur is famous for promoting classical Kerala performing arts, religious places and famous Onam festival, Thrissur Pooram festival, and Vadakkamnathan temple. The festivals celebrated here are the main attractions for tourists and the trip to Thrissur is incomplete without going here. Other tourist destinations of Thrissur include Wadakumanathan Kshatram Temple, Shakti Thampanur’s Tomb, Archaeological Museum, Athirapalli Falls, Heritage Garden, and many others.




Varkala is popular for fishes and waterfalls and the tomb of Saint Narayana Guru of Kerala is here. This city is no less than a paradise for tourists. Going to Papanasam Beach in Varkala is a good choice as paragliding and parasailing can be enjoyed here. There are also many temples in Varkala, such as Janardan Swamy Temple, Anjengo Castle, Vishnu Temple, and Sivagiri Mutas attract tourists.