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Most Attractive & Beautiful Tourist Places In Kodaikanal

tourist places in kodaikanal


Kodaikanal, located in the Western Ghats Palani Hills in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu state of India, is a very beautiful hill station in South India. The meaning of Kodaikanal is “The Gift of the Forest”. Situated at an elevation of 2133 meters above sea level, this tourist spot is spread within 2-3 km radius. Here, the charming greenery makes the blasting trail and the flying clouds flying down like a deity. So, here let’s know about the tourist places in Kodaikanal.

Tourist Places In Kodaikanal:

If you want to come to this beautiful hill station in South India, then you will come to heart because the one who came here does not take the name of going back. This beautiful hill station is in the midst of dense forests, as far as the glance is concerned, there are scenes of greenery visible only. So, see below the tourist places in Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal Lake


Kodaikanal Lake:

This beautiful Sitarnuma Lake is a tourist attraction. It is spread over 24 hectares. Here you can enjoy a lot of boating as well as horse riding. You can also relax in the pleasurable pleasures here.

Coakers Walk


Coakers Walk:

This cocker word is so beautiful that tourists coming here reach its height and observe the beauty of its slopes. It’s hard to see the beauty of its beauty.

Pillar Rocks


Pillar Rocks:

This hill called 122 meters high is called ‘Pillar Rocks’. There are many caves in this hill that attracts tourists, it is a great place to celebrate picnics. It is no less exciting than passing through the caves from the height of this hill.

Astronomical Center:

The Astronomical Center Observatory is the unique and only observatory of its kind throughout the country. A crowd of tourists is waiting to see. Where many tourists arrive by deciding the distance several miles.

Kurinji Andavar Temple


Kurinji Andavar Temple:

Kurinji Andavar Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. This temple is included in the attractions of Kodaikanal. You will not be able to come here without seeing the temple and with the beautiful scenery surrounding it in your eyes.

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Doctors Delight


Doctors Delight:

Doctors Delight will be about 3 kilometers away from the Pillar Rocks, which is a very beautiful tourist destination. It is surrounded by the beautiful valleys of Kodaikanal. The tourists get spellbound by coming here. This is one of the best tourist places in Kodaikanal.

Perumal Peak


Perumal Peak:

The beautiful view of this lake can be seen from this peak. Here is the weather when the clean chaos is sixth, do not forget to see the beautiful view of the tourist here. This lake will be just 20 kilometers away from Kodaikanal. You can come here and enjoy nature scenes.

Silver Cascade Falls


Silver Cascade Falls:

When this waterfall falls below the top it appears like silver is roasting from the sky. The water here feels like silver. Tourists will be seen playing with water under this spring. Sometimes they are used to playing stereotypes, then they want to face water in their fist under the waterfall.

Green Valley View Point


Green Valley View Point:

If you are coming for the Kodaikanal tour then do not forget to come to the Green Valley View as the Vaagah is tied nearby, where the beautiful views will make you mesmerized. This will be just 5 km away from the Kodaikanal lake, but all your fatigue will stop thereby coming here.

Berijam Lake


Berijam Lake:

Barijam Lake will be about 24 kilometers from Kodaikanal. You will also forget its distance. Coming to Kodaikanal you must come here because this is a great place to celebrate a picnic. Where you can spend a lot of time with your friends. This is one of the best tourist places in Kodaikanal.

Telescope House

Telescope House:

Visitors come here and see the beautiful scenic views of Kodaikanal with the help of the telescope. From the telescope, the spectacular visual eyes of Kodaikanal are visible nearby. Here the best views of Kodaikanal can be seen.

Shenbaganur Museum


Shenbaganur Museum:

Shenbaganur is a biological museum. It is built by the Sacred Heart College. By coming here you can see more than 300 varieties of orchids. You can also take advantage of ‘gliders’ here too. From there, there is a very different kind of flying on the heights.