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Best Time To Visit Gangtok For A Better Experience

the best time to visit Gangtok

Weather Of Gangtok

The average weather of the month will give you an idea of ​​the weather trends in Gangtok and the best time to visit Gangtok. These trends can be helpful in planning a trip to Gangtok or preparing for the upcoming season in advance. The full hourly weather report of Gangtok is a very useful tool for tracking the current weather.

Several factors are considered for the weather in Gangtok. These factors include the time of year, season, elevation above sea level of Gangtok, surrounding weather patterns as well as more. Along with all these, many more are taken into consideration in providing you the information on Gangtok weather.

The climate of Gangtok varies from almost tropical climate in the south to north to mountainous climate. The annual rainfall varies from 1,270 to 5,080 mm, depending on height and openness. Most of the rain falls during the southwest monsoon (May – June). Heavy rains and snowfall often cause devastating events like landslides and avalanches.


Temperature Details Of Gangtok


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Best Time To Visit Gangtok

best time to visit Gangtok

Since Gangtok is situated at an elevation and is also a shelter fort, the place has a pleasant climate throughout the year. The best time to visit any place relies upon the sort of exercises the explorer needs to enjoy. Gangtok is honored with a very wonderful climate and an excursion to Gangtok can be arranged whenever of the year relying upon the interest of the explorer.

All things considered, It is basic to realize the best time to visit Gangtok in light of the fact that this Northeastern state tops the list of things to get off numerous voyagers across the globe. Each period of this state has something else to bring to the table to its tourists.

This is on the grounds that states lying in the north-east piece of India are known for their unrivaled normal excellence and critical chances for experience sports. Gangtok is a spot notable for its great regular excellence and sensational scenes.

The vast majority visit Gangtok just to encounter the appeal of the vivid vegetation just as the peacefulness of hilltop Buddhist religious communities, for example, Pemayangtse. Be that as it may, The best time to visit Gangtok is either between March and May or October and mid-December.

In case you need to observe the blossoming common magnificence in Gangtok best season to visit would be in spring, from March to May. Harvest time, then again, brings an away from of the Himalayan Range. In case you need to catch the pleasant perspective on the Himalayan Range, at that point October to December is the best season to visit Gangtok.

During this time you can be essential for different celebrations like the Maniram Bhanjyang Tourism Festival where you can appreciate nearby homestays among numerous different things. You can likewise be a piece of the Cherry Tea Festival just as the Red Panda Winter Festival. These celebrations exhibit an alternate side of Gangtok

Summer (March – April)

The summer season in Gangtok lasts between April and June. The climate remains mild with temperatures reaching a maximum of 22 ° C during this season.

Monsoon (April – December)

Gangtok’s monsoon is influenced by a subtropical climate. The monsoon season in Gangtok lasts from June to October and during this time there is intense rainfall, due to which landslides occur, so many times Gangtok is cut off from the rest of the country. The rain starts in the month of May and the highest rainfall occurs in July.

Winter (January – March)

Winters in Gangtok are quite cold. During this time the average minimum temperature falls to -3 ° C. Although snowfall is very less. It was snowed here in 1990, 2004, 2005, and 2011.

Local Festival Of Gangtok

local festivals of Gangtok

The culture practiced in Gangtok is beautiful and unique. Gangtok also celebrates various local festivals like the popular Hindu festival Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, and Christmas.

The New Year celebrations for Tibetans in Gangtok take place around January and February. It is called Losar and is celebrated with the traditional ‘devil dance’. The new year for Lepchas and Bhutias in the city begins in January.

Magh Sankranti and Ramnavami are also two important Nepali festivals in Gangtok, which are celebrated with great pomp.

Some of the other festivals that people celebrate in Gangtok are the

  • Dalai Lama’s birthday Drukpa Teshi
  • Maghi Sankranti
  • Losar (Tibetan New Year)
  • Chhotarul Duchen
  • Durgapuja
  • Lakshmi puja and
  • Chaitra Dasai / Rama Navami
  • Buddha Jayanti
  • Tendong Halo Rum Phat (worship of the Mount of Tendong)
  • Lusong
  • Saga Dawa
  • Labab Duchen
  • Bhumchu
  • Sakeva (Rai)
  • Sonam Lochar (Gurung)
  • Barahimzog (Magar), etc.

In addition, Sikkim Tourism Department organizes an annual food and culture festival every year in Gangtok in the month of December. In this festival, stalls of multicultural cuisine of Sikkim are set up, where they are decorated in the traditional way.

Music and folk dances are performed on this occasion to entertain the audience. The ceremony is held at the Titanic Park on MG Marg in the city.

Average Tourist Volume Of Gangtok

tourist volume of Gangtok

The month to month tourist footfall declined by just about 90% with just 15,350 visitors in July followed by 17,723 in August a year ago, the authority called attention to. When the strike was canceled in late September a year ago, the tourist inflow in Gangtok expanded strongly, he said.

Notwithstanding, it was the initial half-year of 2017 that cheered different partners of the tourism business with a record 11.44 lakh homegrown tourists and 30,740 unfamiliar tourists visiting the unblemished Himalayan state. “It was an extraordinary business opportunity for us.

It has been a consistent business in the initial four months of this current year taking everything into account,” a tour and travel service proprietor said.

Explored Place To Visit In Gangtok

Gangtok is the largest city in the state of Sikkim. Gangtok tourist destination is a very attractive, natural and cloud wrapped place, which refreshes the hearts and minds of the tourists visiting here.

Let us know that Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, gives you a great view of Kanchenjunga and it has several places to explore. So, let’s now check out those places along with knowing the best time to visit Gangtok…

Do Drul Chorten Gangtok

Do Drul Chorten Gangtok

One of the most important stupas of Gangtok, the two Drul Chorten was built in the year 1945 during the late Trusleshi and Rimpoche. Explain that there are about 108 Mani Lahore or Prayer Chakras in this stupa.

The wheels are engraved with important mantras, which are chanted and rotated. The unique peace and tranquility of this charming stupa have been quite popular among tourists and devotees for years.

Banjhakri Falls Gangtok

Banjhakri Falls Gangtok

Banjhakari Falls in Gangtok is a very special tourist spot for tourists visiting Bhanjkari Falls spread over two acres of area, which is 10-12 kilometers on the way from Gangtok to Ranka Math.

This waterfall falls from a rocky height of about 40 feet and comes down with great force. The energy park near Bhanjkari Falls is the main attraction for tourists. This park has a swimming pool for tourists besides the place of a tourist stop.

Tashi View Point Gangtok

Tashi View Point Gangtok

Tashi View Point 8 km away from central Gangtok is such a spectacular place from where travelers get to see the magnificent Mount Saniloche and Mount Kanchenjunga. It has been developed by the Department of Tourism of Sikkim which is situated in an ideal location.

From this place, you can see the beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains from here. Tashi viewpoint is an excellent picnic place for local people as well as for foreign tourists. Tashi viewpoint is a very special place for tourists visiting here.

Nathula Pass: Indo-China Border

Nathula Pass Indo China Border

If you are going for a trip to Gangtok, then there is a place here that you will never want to miss. We are talking about the international India-China border which you need a permit to see. You can easily get this permit after visiting Gangtok.

To visit Gangtok, one can also see the Tsongmo Lake on the way to the Indo-China border which is very attractive. There is another temple en route to the India-China border which is considered very sacred by the locals here. To reach this border of India-China, you will easily get shared taxis and private taxis from the taxi stand in Gangtok.

Seven Sisters Waterfalls, Gangtok

Seven Sisters Waterfalls, Gangtok

Seven Sisters Waterfalls, as the name itself suggests, consists of seven different waterfalls situated on a wide rugged cliff, which look very different from a distance. Seven Sisters Waterfall has located 32 km from Gangtok on the Gangtok-Lachung Highway.

This waterfall looks very beautiful during the rain, which attracts a lot of tourists visiting here. Seven Sisters Waterfalls make tourists come here to do a photoshoot here. Seven Sisters Waterfall is an ideal and popular tourist destination to spend time with your family and friends.

Kanchenjunga Gangtok

Kanchenjunga Gangtok

The name of Kanchenjunga is famous all over the world, which is the third highest peak in the world, with a height of 8,586 meters. The majestic Kanchenjunga is one of the most amazing mountains in the world. Surrounded by Nepal, Sikkim, and Tibet, this mountain was molded in 1955. The best time to visit Gangtok

Kanchenjunga is a Tibetan name meaning ‘The High Treasures of the High Snow’. There are a lot of trekking routes in Kanchenjunga which take you to hard jungles and quiet places.

The name Kanchenjunga means “The Five Treasures of Snow” in the local language, due to its five peaks consisting of four, which are over 8,450 high. You can also see Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling and Gangtok. The attractive view of this place will settle in your eyes and mind forever. The best time to visit Gangtok

Ganesh Tok Gangtok

Ganesh Tok Gangtok

Gangtok has a very popular tourist spot and a small temple of Lord Ganesha called Ganesh Tok. This temple of Lord Ganesha is situated on a hill, giving the tourists a beautiful view of the surroundings. Kanchenjunga hill can be seen in its special form from here and it is very good especially in the morning. The best time to visit Gangtok

The viewpoint is located at a distance of 6500 meters from this place which offers spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains. The Ganesh Tok temple, however, is so small that it can fit only one person at a time. This place takes you closer to nature with its surreal surroundings and a cozy atmosphere.

Hanuman Tok Gangtok

Hanuman Tok Gangtok

Hanuman Tok is a very famous temple of Gangtok which is named after Hanuman Ji. This temple is looked after by the Indian Army. The most special thing about this temple is that this temple is located at a height of 7,200 feet, which is the third highest peak in the world. The best time to visit Gangtok

The most special thing about this place is that anyone can take their vehicle to this place and can also take pictures on the way. Tourists visiting Hanuman Tok enjoy the beauty of the place. The best time to visit Gangtok

The view of the sunrise is very special in this place, so if you want to see the sunrise, then you can reach here before 5:00 am, after seeing it, you will have a different feeling. The peace of Hanuman Tok makes your mind very happy and the atmosphere of this temple creates a special place to meditate.

MG Road, Gangtok

MG Road, Gangtok

MG Road is called the heart of Gangtok. This place is very much liked by the visiting people. Let us tell you that MG Road is the central shopping hub of the beautiful state capital, which has a variety of shops, restaurants, and hotels.

This place is an open mall or boulevard square which is widely considered to be the center of the region and is a very special place for tourists to shop. The best time to visit Gangtok

People coming to MG Road shopping can take a leisurely stroll here or just sit on the bench and can also roam in this magnificent place in the generous surroundings. The most important thing about this 1 km road is that attention is given to cleanliness and cleanliness here. The best time to visit Gangtok

Himalayan Zoological Park

Himalayan Zoological Park

Zoological Park is located in Bubbali, 3 km from Gangtok. This place is a paradise for all wildlife lovers. Situated at an altitude of 1780 meters, this place offers an amazing view of Mount Khangchendzonga.

The Himalayan Zoological Park was established in 1991 and is located in the north-eastern part of India. It is the first of its kind. In this park, creatures are kept under regular conditions, which fulfill all the requirements of a zoo.

At this place, the animals are kept safe by fulfilling their needs. Spread over 205 hectares of land, the park hosts a variety of fauna including the

  • Snow leopard cat
  • Himalayan palm civet
  • The Himalayan red panda
  • Himalayan monal pheasant
  • Crimson-horned pheasant, and
  • Himalayan black bear. The best time to visit Gangtok

Tourists visiting Gangtok can enjoy the amazing natural beauty surrounding the place by visiting the Zoological Park.

Unexplored Place To Visit In Gangtok

Gangtok is the largest city in the state of Sikkim, situated at an altitude of 1437 meters above the Shivalik hills on the eastern Himalayan mountain range. The winding hills and roads of Gangtok are very attractive. There are some major unexplored places to visit in Gangtok. Let’s now know about those places below…

Reshi Hot Springs Gangtok

Reshi Hot Springs Gangtok

There are many hot springs in the state of Sikkim which are known for their different features but the Reshi Hot Spring is one that is most famous due to its location and religious importance.

Let us know that the hot spring or cha-chu present in Reshi have been winter spas since ancient times. Tourists and pilgrims visiting here soak themselves in these hot springs for a week or so, which is said to have many medicinal properties. The best time to visit Gangtok

The place also offers temporary huts for tourists to stop and rest or to stay overnight at affordable prices with cooking utensils. Near this place are small shops of vegetables and many daily use items.

Flower Exhibition Centre Gangtok

Flower Exhibition Centre Gangtok

The Flower Exhibition Center is located in Gangtok, showcasing various types of flowers of Sikkim in one place. This place is like a paradise for nature lovers. The Flower Exhibition Center is located in front of the White Memorial Memorial Hall and just below Ridge Park, a walking distance from MG Road.

Although you can see many types of flowers here throughout the year, it can be very memorable for you to see the annual flower show held from April to May. The best time to visit Gangtok

In this show, you will be able to see many types of flowers. If you have come to visit Gangtok, then this place is definitely worth a visit. After seeing the smiling flowers here, you will get completely refreshed and your day will be bright. The best time to visit Gangtok

Tsuk La Khang Monastery Gangtok

Tsuk La Khang Monastery Gangtok

The Tsuk La Khang Monastery in the premises of the Royal Palace is the former royal family house of Sikkim. It was built in 1898 AD under the rule of 9th King Thethutob Namgyal and is the most special place of worship for the local Buddhists. This two-storied building also has a wide collection of scriptures. The best time to visit Gangtok

This monastery was earlier used as a place where marriages and coronations of the house of Sikkim were performed. After entering the Tsuk La Khang Monastery, you will be attracted to the beautiful walls with the images of deities on the walls and altars. The best time to visit Gangtok

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple, Gangtok

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple, Gangtok

Baba Harbhajan Singh is a temple situated on the road passing between Nathula and Jelepala Pass at a distance of 64 km at a height of 4000 meters, which is built on the tomb of Baba Harbhajan Singh.

It is said that the search was started after a constable, Harbhajan Singh, led a flag of mules during the partition from Tukla to Deng Dhukla in East Sikkim 35 years ago. But after searching for three days, Sainiko found his body.

After this, several soldiers of the troop told that Baba was coming in his dream and was speaking to build a temple in his memory. After which ‘Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple’ was built in his memory. Tourists come here and circumnavigate them after putting on their uniforms. The best time to visit Gangtok

Kabi Longstok Gangtok

Kabi Longstok Gangtok

Located at a distance of 17 km from the northern capital of Gangtok is Kabi Town which is considered a historical place due to the initiation of Sikkim history in the early 13th century. The best time to visit Gangtok

Kabi Longstok is an excellent Buddhist monastery that is a good place for children and followers of Buddhism to learn about Buddhism and its beliefs. This place with amazing stories attracts tourists visiting here.

Must-Try Foods And Beverages In Gangtok

gangtok foods

Gangtok is a delightful and quiet spot having extraordinary dishes. The food is received from Nepal and Tibet. Gangtok’s brilliant food has a blend of wellbeing and taste. From thukpa to momos, each dish is straightforward and brimming with flavors. The best time to visit Gangtok

Gangtok is home to nearly all that the food of this territory has to bring to the table in its generally rich, amazing, real structure with a complimenting assortment of alternatives. What is difficult to miss in Gangtok incorporates

  • Momos
  • Thukpa
  • Wonton
  • Gyathuk
  • Thenthuk, and then some,
  • Alongside a Gangtok style meat patty called Shah-Phaley. The best time to visit Gangtok

Things To Do In Gangtok

Gangtok is the perfect place to explore if you are looking for an adventure-filled place. This city will definitely not disappoint you in any way, from sports to sightseeing to a tourist in Gangtok. The best time to visit Gangtok

This is the perfect place for anyone who wants to do adventure, so if you are planning to go to Gangtok, then here are some things that you must do while you are there, so let’s know. The best time to visit Gangtok

Go Paragliding


Trip travelers are like a free bird, thinking that if there were wings, then you would see a view from the sky above. Although it is not possible, this wish will also be fulfilled here because you will get a great option of paragliding in Gangtok. The best time to visit Gangtok

This adventure work has been very popular among tourists, the best thing is that you will get to see breathtaking views of nature and the Himalayas from above, which cannot be better than this. The best time to visit Gangtok

Try Trekking or Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Gangtok will be a special experience for you. This exciting journey lasts from a period of 4 days to 15 days. Here you will be able to go biking as well as trekking, to see the most beautiful views. Here you can

  • Visit monasteries
  • Can roam in rivers
  • springs and villages

Hot Tip:

  • Gangtok- Phodong- Rangrang- Dikchu Macha- Sirwani-Temi,

  • Gangtok- Rumtek- Song- Sirwani- Tamchi- Jorithang- Meli,

  • Gangtok- Rumtech- Sang- Sirwani- Tamchi- Namchi- Namthang- Rangpare is some of the popular places for mountain biking and trekking.

Go To Yak Safari

Yak Safari

If you want to do something different, you can create a mood when you go on a yak safari, riding a yak can feel like a unique experience, because the slow ride of yak gives you huge mountains, waterfalls, lakes, Gangtok and its surroundings. The best time to visit Gangtok

Will take you to beautiful places, all you have to do is to hold the hump of this huge mountain animal tightly, and don’t worry, this animal does no harm to anyone, it will not bite you or harm you, besides One can capture a memorable photo by taking a photo over the yak. The best time to visit Gangtok

Visit the famous Nathu La

Visit the famous Nathu La

If you really want to be bound by nature, then visit Nathu La Pass which is just 52 kilometers from Gangtok. Nathu La Pass at an altitude of 14150 feet, one of the most adventurous things in Gangtok.

It is nothing short of a thrill to keep the trip memorable and once you arrive there the amazing views of the snow-covered Himalayas will welcome you. Just remember to carry a small oxygen cylinder with you because in this area Oxygen levels are low. The best time to visit Gangtok

Here you will also need a Protected Area Permit issued by the Sikkim Tourism Department, apart from this. Do not forget to carry an ID proof and two passport size photographs, otherwise, you are not allowed to enter Nathu La Pass. will be given. The best time to visit Gangtok

Do River Rafting On River Teesta

Do River Rafting On River Teesta

River rafting on the Teesta River can reveal your inner courage, but do not get into the misconception that rafting in the river will be easy. Rangit and the rapids of the Teesta River are very challenging. These river valleys and all the hill boulders… The best time to visit Gangtok

You can also camp along the River Range, a tributary of the Teesta River, which is one of the most popular routes for rafting which is…

Makha-Rongpo and the shortest route Dychchu-Teesta Bridge which flows through Intermediate is the long route that will take you more than 5 hours to complete. The best time to visit Gangtok

Things To Avoid In Gangtok

things to avoid in Gangtok

  • Try not to litter in the forested zones. It is deserving of law. Continuously convey back all the waste litter, for example, plastic sacks, jars, void containers, and so forth Additionally, don’t play uproarious music in these territories. The best time to visit Gangtok
  • In the event that you decide to go traveling, make sure to follow the planned way as it were. Try not to get over prairies and intrude on the delicate vegetation. The best time to visit Gangtok
  • Purchasing or managing items produced using the skins of jeopardized species or of some other creature is carefully restricted. Purchasing and selling of collectibles are likewise unlawful according to the public authority standards in Sikkim. The best time to visit Gangtok
  • It isn’t permitted to swim in the lakes, streams, or icy masses in the secured regions.
  • Sikkimese local people are moderate and don’t value the public showcase of friendship. Keep a beware of your non-verbal communication and selection of words too.
  • The left hand is viewed as to some degree dirtied. Abstain from giving cash or tapping anybody with the left hand. The best time to visit Gangtok
  • Smoking and drinking in open zones, touring spots, and consecrated destinations are confined. In the event that you are found doing as such, you will be rebuffed under the law.
  • Try not to enter the sanctuary premises on the off chance that you are on your period. It is trailed by all local people and anticipated from tourists also. The best time to visit Gangtok
  • Try not to wear awkward shoes. There is a ton of strolling that will occur on your vacation in Sikkim.
  • Keep away from the utilization of slang and touching local people while talking and keep a solid space while meandering in the city. The best time to visit Gangtok

Travelers Hack By TravelJunction

Travelers Hack By TravelJunction

There are many limited territories situated in Gangtok-Sikkim where the voyagers will be needed to show the ID verifications. One would require a Protected Area Permit (both Indian and outsider) which will offer admittance to these limited spots. There is the Restricted zone grant (just for outsiders) which is given for around 60 days.

Despite the fact that outsiders, NRI’s or OCI’s are not permitted to head out to the Gurudongmar lake and Nathula Pass which lies at the Indo-China line. Just Indians have given a pass to enter this area through a tour operator of the Sikkim Government. So, do not forget to get your permission first. The best time to visit Gangtok

Travelers Hack For Couples

Gangtok is a high height place and in the event that you will visit Nathula Pass, at that point try to initiate change with the environmental change. Individuals who experience the ill effects of Altitude ailment should require in any event two days to change with the evolving environmental factors.

Having cerebral pains and breathing issues are a portion of the regular issues which the explorers face during their excursion to Nathula Pass. The best time to visit Gangtok

Travelers Hack For Family

In case you are searching for movement hacks about Gangtok with your family, at that point you should realize that the climate in Gangtok stays cold consistently, in this manner it is constantly prescribed to convey appropriate woolens regardless of when you plan. The best time to visit Gangtok

You may likewise require woolens to keep yourself warm in any event, during summer while you go climbing or journeying at higher heights. The best time to visit Gangtok

Travelers Hack For Friends

Gangtok is a spot that is a shelter for experience addicts. From journeying, climbing to paragliding, there is plenty of experience exercises to encounter for a group of friends. The best time to visit Gangtok

At the point when you’re intending to evaluate these exercises, try to consistently consider booking these exercises with an authorized tour operator who will give all the wellbeing stuff and gear. The best time to visit Gangtok

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