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Best Time To Visit Munnar For A Fun Trip

best time to visit Munnar

Weather Of Munnar

An eminent getaway from the clamoring city life, Munnar is probably the best spot to be in. But knowing the best time to visit Munnar is important to get a better holiday experience there. The peacefulness that is discovered 1600m above ocean level and the serenity one encounters while in Munnar is incredible.

The evenings are calm and unwinding while the days light up the sections of land and sections of land of tea ranches and streams going through the hill station. The old-world appeal has been protected to cause the experience of Munnar tourism to feel like a movement back in time.

The normal yearly temperature in Munnar is 19.4 °C | 66.9 °F. Precipitation here is around 2470 mm | 97.2 inches every year.


In Munnar, the wet season is damp and cloudy, the dry season is part of the way shady, and it is agreeable all year. Throughout the span of the year, the temperature commonly shifts from 53°F to 79°F and is seldom beneath 50°F or above 84°F.

Temperature Details of Munnar


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Best Time To Visit Munnar

the best time to visit Munnar

Before going on a trip to Munnar Hill Station you must know what is the best time to visit Munnar. So let us tell you that June to September is the best time to visit Munnar. Even if you want to avoid the monsoon season but this is the best time to enjoy Munnar yatra.

Peak season (September-March)

September to March is the peak season in Kerala, during which the weather is very pleasant. The monsoon is gone. This season occurs just after the end of the monsoon in Kerala.

During this time all kinds of water activity resume in Kerala, the hill stations of Kerala are favorable for spending time. Thekkady, Munnar, Kovalam, Alleppey, and Kumarakom can be visited in Kerala during the peak season.

Due to peak season, most of the hotel rooms in Kerala are booked at this time, especially during Christmas and New Year crowds, so book hotels and flights in advance.

Off-Season (April to May)

If you want to avoid congestion and travel to Kerala cheaply then this is the best time for you. However, during this time there is more heat and humidity in the atmosphere.

During this time the temperature is around 30 ° C. However, it often rains in the evening. Due to the offseason, hotels in Kerala get very cheap during this time.

At this time, if you want to go, then go to Munnar and Wayanad, the popular hill stations of Kerala, which are slightly cooler and less humid than the rest of Kerala.

During this time, avoid visiting destinations between Kerala as direct sunlight and heat will spoil your stupor.

Monsoon Season (June to August)

The number of tourists in Kerala is less during this season. Kerala receives heavy rainfall between June and August. However, this time is also not bad in terms of tourism.

Weather is not predictable. It can rain anytime. At this time, new life comes in rivers and springs here. The greenery of areas such as Munnar and Thekkady attracts attention.

It is considered the best time for Ayurveda treatment in Kerala. Kerala is the most beautiful sight at this time of the year.

Local Festival Of Munnar

Nehru Trophy Boat Race best time to visit munnar

Along with visiting Munnar Hill Station, you can also enjoy many attractive local festivals here. Some of which we are going to tell you in this article below. So you must enjoy these traditional local festivals of Munnar once.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Celebrated on the second Saturday of the period of August, it is one of the lavish occasion occurring in Munnar. The race happens on Punnamada Lake, with spectator structures set up along the banks.

The service opens with brilliantly improved buoys, boats, and customary exhibitions. Separate races are held for ladies and the celebrations last for the duration of the day and late into the night. The race is really energizing to watch.

Attukal Pongal

This festival is celebrated with great pomp in Munnar. It falls in the month of February or March. In this festival, women gather and worship Atukkal Devi and make jaggery, coconut, and rice offerings in an earthen pot.


Onam is another festival celebrated with great enthusiasm in Munnar. The festival lasts for ten days in which people sing, dance along with puja, yajna. During this, snake-boat races are organized.

Thrissur Pooram Festival

Celebrated in the long stretch of May, it is perhaps the most momentous celebration in Munnar. It is a monstrous show with around thirty enlivened elephants stroll through the roads conveying objects emblematic of loving sovereignty.

The elephants remain with nobility and control, while the antiquated Panchavadyam is played on conch, cymbals, trumpet, and drums.

Yearly Fest Of Murugan Koil

The Murugan sanctuary in Munnar is considered monstrously critical by aficionados who accept that the directing god can fix illnesses.

Alongside the previously mentioned celebrations of Munnar, the sanctuary yearly celebration is additionally a significant one. It is held in the Hindu month of Kartika (October-November) and matches with Diwali.

Average Tourist Volume Of Munnar

tourist volume of munnar

Insights identified with the appearance of tourists in Kerala is a great method to gauge the development of the sector throughout a specific timeframe. We create these figures yearly and they have been given underneath.

Munnar is an interesting town and a pure hill station situated in the Western Ghats of Kerala. Set at an elevation of 6000 ft in the region of Idukki, Munnar used to be the late spring resort of the British rulers during pioneer times.

It is known for its green belt of lavish timberlands and ceaseless region of tea domains and is likewise home to a portion of the imperiled types of creatures like Neelakurinji and Nilgiri Tahr.

It’s known to be quite possibly the most sought after tourist objections in South India because of its unblemished valleys, mountains, and intriguing assortments of verdure.

In 2006, the spot saw a surge of tourists both homegrown and global to locate the uncommon blossoms. Presently we need to stand by till 2018, to watch a similar surge, to see the lovely sprouting of the blossoms after long 12 years.

Explored Place To Visit In Munnar

Munnar is located in the state of Kerala in South India and travel to Munnar is a tourist attraction. Munnar has the largest tea plantation in South India, Munnar has become the most famous hill station due to these tea plantations. So, let’s now know where to visit Munnar along with knowing the best time to visit Munnar.

Eco Point

Eco Point

If you are looking for a beautiful and serene environment on your trip to Munnar, then Eco Point can prove to be the most special for you.

With a calm atmosphere and cool air, having a picnic at this tourist place is a different experience of its own. This place is situated on the banks of a beautiful lake.

Here you can also hear your voice clearly within the waterfall. There are also gardens of tea, coffee, and spices around Eco Point. Tourists can also enjoy trekking along with visiting these places.

Go See Neelkurinji Blooms In Munnar

Neelkurinji Blooms In Munnar

Neelakurinji is a very beautiful place to visit in Munnar Yatra. This place is famous for its blue flowers. There are 40 species of flowers in Nilkurinji, most of which are blue flowers.

Due to the blue flowers, the mountains of Neelkurinji also appear to be blue, which touches the hearts of tourists who are fond of photography. For nature lovers, it is as if this place is no less than a paradise.

Eravikulam National Park Munnar

Eravikulam National Park Munnar

Eravikulam National Park is located about 15 kilometers from Munnar and the place is famous for the flora and fauna of rare species. Tourists come here from far away to see these creatures which they do not find at any other place.

Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak munnar

Anamudi Peak is one of the highest peaks of South India. Anamudi peak appears to be exactly the shape of an elephant and this is the main reason why it is named Anamudi. The best time to visit Munnar

Because Anamudi means elephant’s forehead. This tourist place looks spectacular at the time of sunrise, its beauty cannot be described in words. Once you must also visit this place. The best time to visit Munnar

Rose Garden

Rose Garden munnar

Rose Garden, a beautiful place to visit in Munnar, is an attractive tourist destination located at Mattupetty, about 13 kilometers from the city of Munnar. There are many scenic places around the famous Rose Garden due to the beautiful rose flowers. The best time to visit Munnar

Chithirapuram Palace

Chithirapuram Palace munnar

Chithirapuram is a small village included in the Munnar tourist destination, which itself incorporates the very ancient culture of India. The best time to visit Munnar

Playgrounds, old bungalows, and tea estates are the focal points of attraction here. Tourists come from far and wide to visit this village and get acquainted with the ancient culture of this place. The best time to visit Munnar

Lakkam Water Fall

Lakkam Water Fall

Lakkam Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located near Vagavurai State. The Vagavurai valley greatly enhances the beauty of the luxury waterfall. This place is a very attractive and supernatural beauty filled tourist place for photography lovers. The best time to visit Munnar

Munnar Waterfall Valara/Cheeyappara Falls

cheeyappara waterfalls

Located on the banks of river Deviyanar, about 40 kilometers from Munnar tourism, Valara Falls is a lovely and stunning beauty, and it attracts tourists easily. The best time to visit Munnar

Powerhouse Falls

Powerhouse Falls

The powerhouse falls are very famous falls, it is believed that Mata Sita took a bath in this waterfall. This waterfall is very attractive from a tourism point of view. It is located in a hill resort which is the main tourist destination of Munnar in Kerala. The best time to visit Munnar 

Kundala Dam And Lake

Kundala Dame and Lake is a lovely place, and it is situated at an altitude of about 1700 meters above sea level. This place is located about 27 km from Munnar. The best time to visit Munnar

The Kundala Dam is the first arch dam in the continent of Asia. Tourists come from far and wide to see this lake and dam. Tourists also enjoy the wonderful pleasure of running a Kashmiri-Shikara boat. The best time to visit Munnar

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Munnar

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Munnar

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is the main attraction of Munnar. Birds of such species are found here which are hardly destined to be seen anywhere else. It is a great tourist place for those interested in birds and birdhouses.

Blossom Park

Blossom Park

Blossom Park is famous for water-cycling, skating, and voting. The small houses of treehouse and ropeway are very exciting and attractive. It is also a great tourist destination of Munnar. The best time to visit Munnar

Indo Swiss Dairy Farm

Indo Swiss Dairy Farm

The Indo Swiss Dairy Farm is famous for the Center for Cattle Development and Research and the inclusion of a wide variety of cattle at this location. This cattle planet has controlled more than 400 cattle planets.

Unexplored Place To Visit In Munnar

This small hill station is also home to many other endangered species. A trip to Munnar brings a different experience in itself, despite being a small hill station, the tourists who come here are busy throughout the year. There are several unexplored places to visit in Munnar. Let’s now check out those places here…

Kalari Kshethra Munnar

Kalari region is considered to be the mother of martial arts, from which Kungfu and Karate developed. Even today, art schools and performance centers are organized in the Kalari region in Munnar. It is also one of the major tourist places of Mannar. The best time to visit Munnar

Punarjani Traditional Village

Punarjani is located at Pallivasal, 18 km from the city of Munnar in Kerala. It is known for cultural programs, art-related shows are held here for one hour every day. You will also get lost in bliss by visiting this cultural site along with Munnar. The best time to visit Munnar


A treehouse is a place in Munnar where people like to stay very much during the holidays. The idea of staying here amidst the lush green tea and spice plantations fills the tourists’ hearts with happiness. This place is considered one of the most unique places in Munnar. The best time to visit Munnar

Rajamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Raj Malai Wildlife Century was previously a general park, but the Government of Kerala has transformed it into a Wildlife Century in 1975. In 1978, it was declared a National Park. It is a very beautiful and attractive park in Munnar. The park is divided into three distinct parts. Tourists can only enter the tourist part.

High Range Club

High Range Club is a major tourist place among the essential places of Munnar tourism. The club consists of two foreign clubs and also has a variety of recreational activities. The activities here are attractive and amazing for tourists. The best time to visit Munnar

Tata Tea Museum

The Tata Tea Museum is a tourist destination located in the Nulthanni State of Munnar. Tourists visiting Munnar must visit this place, which is known for many varieties of tea. The Tata Tea Museum in Munnar was started by Tata. Munnar is considered the center of tea gardens. The best time to visit Munnar

Famous Elephant Arrival Spot

Elephant Arrival Spot, located about 18 km from Munnar, is famous for elephant rides trip on the journey to Munnar. To roam the forest, you can ride elephants here, which is a different kind of pleasure. The best time to visit Munnar

Floriculture Center

During the Munnar Yatra, one must visit the Floriculture Center, which is very famous for its herbal plants. It is considered one of the major attractions of Munnar. The best time to visit Munnar

Must-Try Foods And Beverages In Munnar

Munnar Hill Station welcomes tourists visiting Kerala with delicious and sumptuous food. After tasting the local food here, you will continue to lick your fingers. The most famous of the local cuisine here is idli, vada, sambar, and banana chips. Along with this, the cardamom tea here is also very tasty. The best time to visit Munnar

  • Appam with Stew
  • Puttu & Kadala Curry
  • Idiyappam with Egg Curry
  • Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu aka Spicy Chicken Fry
  • Kerala Prawn Curry
  • Beef Fry & Malabar Parotta
  • Ari Pathri & Chicken Curry
  • Kerala style Fish

Things To Do In Munnar

Munnar has four major directions; Mattupetty Direction, Thekkady Direction, Edimally Direction, and Coimbatore Direction. Climate and tea gardens are the main reasons for tourism in Munnar.

Tourists come here to see the plush green carpet which is scattered all around. During the months of April-May, the number of tourists increases every year with a large number when summer holidays start across the country.

Mattupatti Direction

  • Visit Subramanian Temple, Munnar
  • Go to the Rose Garden
  • Visit The Carmelgiri Elephant Park
  • Must visit Mattupetty Dam
  • Must go to the Shepherd Park
  • Visit Kundala Dam. The best time to visit Munnar

Thekkady Direction

  • Visit the Signal View Point
  • Go to the Idli Hill View Point
  • Must-Visit Devikulam Sri Ayyappan Temple
  • Must go to the Lockhart Tea Museum
  • Go to The Lockhart Tea Park
  • Visit the Thankaiah Cave
  • Go to the Lockhart Gap View Point
  • Must go to the Periyakanal Falls
  • Visit the Anirangal Dam / Boating. The best time to visit Munnar

Edimally Direction

  • Go to the Pothamedu View Point
  • Visit the Spice Plantation
  • Go to the Cheyapara Falls
  • Visit the Chenggulam Dam. The best time to visit Munnar

Coimbatore Direction

  • Go to the Eravikulam National Park
  • Visit the Peanut Peak
  • Go to the Mariyur Sandal Forest
  • Visit the Lakkan waterfall. The best time to visit Munnar

Things To Avoid In Munnar

  • Do not forget to check the weather condition before planning a trip to Munnar
  • Never forget to take off your shoes before entering mosques or Hindu temples in Munnar
  • Do not forget to bargain while shopping in Munnar
  • Never smoke in public places while you are in Munnar. The best time to visit Munnar

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Munnar is the sort of spot where you’ll consolidate experiences with unwinding with your accomplice. Appreciate an occasion with a peaceful boat trip along the rich backwaters followed by a fiery climb through the mountains.

Visit castles and urban communities, humming markets, and conventional towns. And afterward discover a lot of occasions to unwind, regardless of whether that is at a lavish inn, a special visitor house, or as you skim along the backwaters in a houseboat. The best time to visit Munnar

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Munnar has a remarkable culture and an unmistakable lifestyle that feels altogether different from the remainder of the country. Life here is moderate, serene, and unwinding, making it an ideal occasion objective for a family. Munnar is additionally a flawless spot to visit during a greater excursion to India with your family.

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Rich greenery and virgin environs around the cascades in Munnar make a group of friends become hopelessly enamored with this hill station quickly. This spot is really specked with various falls that draw nature sweethearts, fun searchers, and experience devotees in huge numbers around the year. The best time to visit Munnar

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