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Best Time To Visit Bali For Best Experience

Best Time To Visit Bali

Weather Of Bali:

Bali is situated around 8 degrees south of the equator. Subsequently, you can expect a tropical, warm and moist atmosphere lasting through the year with two principle particular seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season.

MonthAverage Temperature

April To October: 

Bali gets the most guests during July and August. Temperatures are really consistent throughout the entire year yet during the dry season, the nights can be enjoyably new. During Bali’s dry season, seashores are for the most part spotless, and Bali shows its beautiful side. One can, in any case, anticipate intermittent precipitation, however; here and there even local people are astonished how dry seven days during the blustery season can be and the reverse way around. View the graph underneath and check temperatures, no. of days with precipitation, and so forth in the capital Denpasar.

On the off chance that you have a decision, at that point indeed, better to evade the traditional stormy months to limit the danger of an awful climate. Yet, you can have astounding bright days lasting through the year without a doubt.

November To March: 

During the blustery season, Bali gets calmer. The ocean is harsher, the seashores and the ocean in the south (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak) can be very messy because of garbage washed onto the shore during January and February. It’s not happening consistently and improved in the course of the most recent couple of years, however, it can occur and relies upon wind conditions and flows. During stormy season winds are more grounded at the coast, the water flows get, and it can rain in basins. Albeit, normally the downpour stops following a couple of hours and the sun sparkles once more. A ton of the occasions it downpours during the evening and days are o.k. Rarely, you have a couple of days when it rains persistently. Of late, the climate is changing, and a November can be as dry as an August – it got considerably more eccentric.

Best Time To Visit Bali:

The best an ideal opportunity to visit Bali relies on the most part upon the climate additionally high and low season as far as “school occasion plans”, which influences the general cost for convenience and even the quantity of individuals you share the island with.

The best time to visit Bali is during July and August, during Easter Holidays, and Christmas/New Year (December till the first seven-day stretch of January). It is the busiest time in Bali.


Local Festival Of Bali:

Bali’s vacation schedule speaks to this dumbfounding push-and-pull of customs and impacts on the island: a blend of Hindu and mainstream festivities that invite traveler cooperation in compliance with common decency

Best Time To Visit Bali

Nyepi: Nyepi is the New Year Of Bali. They celebrate New Year absolutely noise free and traditionally. In the month of March, it is celebrated.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Bali Spirit Festival: The Bali Spirit Festival offers an opportunity to lace oneself with yoga, dance, relieving bhakti music, recuperating, and sacrosanct festival empowering self-reflection.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Tumpek Wayang: The most important day of the year for Balinese Tumpek Wayang. This is the shadow puppet show that is celebrated as a festival.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Ubud Food Festival: This is the food festival of Bali. The Festival unites neighborhood and worldwide cooks and food characters with the point of offering Indonesia’s rich culinary culture to the world.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Bali Arts Festival: This festival celebrates the native heritage, theater, and culinary exhibitions.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Galungan: Galungan and Kuningan is a famous yearly festival in Bali to respect the success of good over Bad. This festival takes place between July and August.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Bali Kite Festival: A previous occasional agrarian festival, The Bali Kite Festival has now formed into a serious game. The festival means to preserve and advance the traditions of the island. This festival takes place from July to October.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Odalan: Odalan is viewed as perhaps the most noticeable Temple festivals coordinated at the Mother Temple of ‘Pura Besakih’ which is additionally the biggest Hindu Temple of Bali. This festival takes place in August.

Average Tourist Volume Of Bali:

The volume of worldwide vacationers in Bali developed by 3.6% in 2019 to 6.3 million, up from 6 million every 2018 as per the as of late delivered yearly Official News on Bali Province Tourism Development Statistics from Badan Pusat Statistik Provinsi Bali.

Explored Place To Visit Of Bali:

Islands like Bali’s Paradise are one of the best destinations for vacation. As far as the eyes can see, you are surrounded by ancient beauty. If you have booked or plan to book a Bali holiday package and have questions as to where you should go, here is our recommendation for the best places to visit in Bali.

Best Time To Visit Bali


Ubud should be first on the list of places to visit in Bali. Once a small village, Ubud now boasts of a thriving metropolitan culture. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is where you find an atmosphere to calm yourself.

You can see the spectacular waterfalls while rafting in the mighty Ayang River while experiencing the exciting Andraline and it is surrounded by untapped rainforests. Proceed to the Ubud Monkey Forest and see the playful monkeys in their natural habitat. The forest is open from 8.30 am to 6 pm. Get a glimpse of traditional Bali culture with royalty at Bali Ubud Royal Palace.

Best Time To Visit Bali


Known for being an ordinary village for fishing, Kuta is one of the best places to travel in Bali. The beach will welcome you with its white beaches, blue waters and you will fall in love with this magical place.

Kuta Beach is well known for its surfing, you can book surfing and also rent a surfboard here. If you are in Bali with your children, enjoy more tantalizing slides and rides in the waterbomb. You can stop at the Kuta Theater, where you will be enthralled with local stories, magic shows, and cultural dances. The show starts daily after the dinner package.

Best Time To Visit Bali


If you like to shop, a trip to Seminyak should be on your itinerary. Seminyak is full of foreign boutiques, stores, and flea markets. Here you will definitely find clothes or jewelry that you like.

If you are looking for a bargain, then head to the markets where you can pick up local handicrafts, jewelry, and souvenirs. You can buy what you want here. Chances are you will get your best deal with the bargain, If you like shopping at Sun Set, then head to Taman Sari Market, one of the best night markets in Bali.

Best Time To Visit Bali


If you are in the mood for nature therapy, then hike to Tabanan, one of the best places to visit in Bali, it is surrounded by rice fields, black sandbanks, lush mountains, and forest trails.

The beautiful Bali Pura Tanah Lot Rock-Temple is situated towards the sea and even prepares you for photography of the natural journey. Jatilivih rice terrace is a beautiful green natural panorama, this is what the photographer finds happiness here. Take a trip to Angasree Hot Springs to take a relaxing dip.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Pura Besakih:

The 14th-century temple is actually known for its religious and architectural importance given the complexity of 23 different temples. One of the best places to visit in Bali.

It is the largest and holiest Hindu temple in Bali, located 3000 feet above sea level on the slopes of Mount Agung. While visiting the temple you should wear appropriate tops and sarongs. Although from 8 pm to 5 pm official time, the temple complex is open all day.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Mount Batur:

It should definitely be on your list to experience watching the sunrise from this 1,700 meters. Mount Batur should be on the list of things to do in Bali.
Visit the beautiful Purulun Danu Batur Temple which is dedicated to the Goddess of lakes and rivers.
Take a bath in the hot spring of Toybangka.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Uluwatu Temple:

The sightseeing in Bali cannot be accomplished without a visit to the Ullootu Temple, also known as Puralaharulututu. Hindus in Bali believe that the temple is one of the spiritual pillars of Bali where the divine powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are united. Located at the top of a cliff where you can see some stunning views of the sea with your eyes. The temple opens from 9 am to 6 pm. You have to wear long pants or a skirt and a sarong or sash before entering the temple.

Best Time To Visit Bali


The island is among the best places, museums, beaches in Bali, the nation’s capital. Denpasar is a mixture of old world and new world; Where culture and tradition are meeting with modern convenience.

If the party is on your mind, then proceed to Sanur beach to get a taste of Bali nightlife. Plan a day trip to Shark Island where you can learn more about these endangered species, feed them, swimming with them will be thrilling. If you want to buy some goods, then go to the Indus market, which is open from sunrise till midnight.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Nusa Islands:

On the outskirts of Bali, Nusa Islands are some of the best places to visit, as it is surrounded by the island’s best reefs and underwater life. Nusa Lembongan, the most popular of the three islands, is good for water sports addicts. You can do surfing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Nusa Kuningan is a beautiful blue lagoon just across the bridge. Nusa Penida is home to magnificent rock formations, caves, and a bird sanctuary.

Unexplored Place To Visit In Bali:

Indeed, Bali is beautiful and there is for sure however Bali is something beyond Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Nusa or other business territories. Bali is honored with tremendous picturesque magnificence and investigating Bali past these districts will uncover what a heaven it really is. From rich green rice fields to pretty espresso estates, from various volcanoes to coral reefs and cavity lakes from the rural appeal of town life to climbing up mountains, Bali will never baffle you. Here’s a top-notch of spots where you can take a brief trip and see the elective side to Bali no doubt.

Negara City:

We as a whole know about the rice manors of Ubud however, there is a little city called Negara on the southwestern reach of Bali which is additionally honored with plentiful paddy fields. Taking a gander at such greenery can fill your heart with joy in a jiffy. In the setting, you can see the tremendous Bali Barat Mountains. Presently envision investigating this odd green heaven on a bike, charming a lot?


Munduk is a little village situated in the northern piece of Bali and is known for its rocky scenes. On the off chance that you need some reprieve from the stickiness of the seaside regions, at that point, Munduk is the place where you should be. The rich greenery of the mountains, terraced rice fields, timberlands, and cascades make the ideal arrangement of a neglected perfect world here in Munduk. You can unwind and associate with nature, climb up to the mountains, lounge in the greenery, and wash under the cascades. What more do you need?


Amed in Bali is situated on the northeastern coast and is way less swarmed than the seashores down south. The populace basically contains ranchers that take part in horticulture and pisciculture. Swimming in the ocean here is a visual pleasure because of the lavishness of coral reefs in this locale. In the event that you need to encounter genuine Balinese nation life, at that point Amed is the place where you should go to.


The northern shoreline of Bali is home to Lovina Beach. The stunning nightfalls and dawns from this seashore merit an encounter. The waves are quiet here and the coastlines less swarmed. An ideal spot to loosen up, experience dolphin visits, or taste on a mixed drink while getting a pleasant suntan, Lovina won’t disillusion you without a doubt.

Penglipuran Village:

Penglipuran is perhaps the most beautiful town in East Bali and is an absolute necessity visit. Enhanced with consistently planned customary Balinese houses, rich green espresso estates, and bamboo backwoods this town is spotless and an ideal pick on the off chance that you need a sneak look into credible Balinese method of living.


Banjar is a little town settled among thick woodlands and situated at a proximal distance of 10km from the Lovina seashore. Banjar is fundamentally known for its natural aquifers generally found inside the wilderness. Stone pools encompassed by rich greenery and total isolation describe these underground aquifers which are available to the two sightseers and local people. Private pools, spa, and back rub medicines are likewise accessible in the event that you are searching for a more quiet and segregate insight.

Komodo Islands:

Komodo island displays its nearby living spaces and untamed life which it genuinely protects. All things considered, the facts confirm that the island draws travelers from around the world in view of Komodo mythical beasts, however, this is additionally popular for scuba jumping.

Nusa Lembongan:

Need to avoid the hustle clamor of city life in Bali, into an all the more peaceful, slow, and quieted place? Indeed, Nusa Lembongan will be the ideal escape you are searching for! Bali is known as the ideal elixir of sentiment, and there’s no denying it, yet Nusa Lembongan is far better. Lease a bicycle, meander the island in the midst of the kelp ranches, mangrove timberlands, tranquil seashores and experience passionate feelings all the more profoundly with your friends and family and this sentimental island in Bali.

Gili Islands:

Offering credit to the neighborhood individuals for keeping up the ideal harmony between the true culture and uprising innovation, Gili Island is drawing in vacationers from around the globe. It is a mix of three Islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. In the threesome, Gili Air and Gili T are turning out to be center points for culture voyagers and gathering goers separately. Coming to Gili Meno, it has ascended as the ideal spot for idealism and peacefulness.


Quickly developing as perhaps the best spot to remain in Bali, Canggu is arranged toward the north of occupied Seminyak. It is informally known as ‘Ubud by the Sea’, well gratitude to the yoga devotees, surfers, and computerized wanderers who have discovered their home here.


Padangbai is a little port that interfaces the ship rides to Lombok. Since it’s a progress point for some, vacationers venturing out to Lombok, this spot the vast majority of the occasions gets overlooked. Nonetheless, in the event that you set aside the effort to investigate this little beachfront town you might be bowled by its excellence. An ideal spot for an exploring experience, Padangbai is encircled by the ocean, has pretty virgin seashores and stunning spots to take a plunge or snorkel.

Nusa Penida:

Inside the Nusa Penida island rest the absolute most established and strong heaps of Indonesia which makes it an ideal objective for a journey. The different winged animal species, the completely clear water, and far-reaching white sand around the seashores just add to the appeal of the island.,From climbing to sunbathing on the seashores, you can do it all at Nusa Penida. In the event that you are somebody who is hoping to investigate Bali, passing up Nusa Penida isn’t an alternative.

Must Try Foods And Beverages Of Bali:

Balinese food gets me energized each opportunity we return to Indonesia’s most mainstream occasion spot. I get amped up for honest flavors and tried and true flavors that bring about mouth-watering food that I can’t get enough of.

Mie Goreng:

An exemplary Indonesian staple of fried noodles is regularly presented with vegetables and a decision of chicken, shrimp, or pork. Some of the time it presented with a seared egg on top, chicken satisfy sticks, prawn wafers, and nut sauce.

Nasi Goreng:

Like Mie Goreng, but fried rice rather than noodles. This is the most famous staple of the Balinese. They in a real sense have it for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Rice is developed all over Bali, so there’s no deficiency of this grain lasting through the year.


In contrast to its Malaysian partner, the Indonesian Sate isn’t satay. Sate is marinated, speared and flame broiled meats presented with a fiery sauce. The meat as a rule comprises of diced or cut chicken, goat, sheep, hamburger, and pork, however, you’ll likewise discover satay that is made with fish, tofu, eggs, or minced mixes.

Babi Guling:

Babi Guling is an unequaled top pick, comprising of spit-broil pig loaded down with rich customary flavors and vegetable blends, for example, cassava leaves, gradually turned over (guling signifies “to move” in Indonesian) a coal fire. Pork is scoured with turmeric, loaded down with a zest glue (typically coriander seeds, lemongrass, lime leaves, salam leaves, chilies, dark pepper, garlic, red shallots, ginger, and lesser galangal), and afterward broiled on a spit over coconut husks or wood until excessively delicate.

Nasi Campur:

A nearby top choice, Nasi Campur signifies “blended rice” and normally comprises of little parts of vegetables, fish or meat with a hill of steamed rice. There’s no 1 “right” mix of flavors, so it’s once in a while the equivalent. That is the thing that makes it so fun – you never know precisely the thing you will get. Consider it an Indonesian appetizer.

Bebek Betutu:

Smoked duck is presumably one of the more extraordinary dishes in Bali. The duck is scoured and loaded down with a blend of flavors, enveloped by an areca palm leaf or betel nut bark, and smoked with the ashes of rice husks. Most eateries require one day’s notification since cooking takes around 12 hours.


“Gado-Gado” is one of Indonesia’s most popular dishes. Basically, it is a vegetable plate of mixed greens washed in an exemplary nut sauce. While it’s a chilly plate of mixed greens, I figure it would taste wonderful warm as well. At its base are bubbled long beans, spinach, potato, corn, egg, and bean sprouts combined with cucumber, tofu.


Pepes is an Indonesian-Sundanese cooking technique that utilizes a banana leaf as food wrappings. Dainty bamboo sticks seal the two finishes of the little bundle before it’s steamed, bubbled, or barbecued until cooked. It is most normally used to plan fish as pepes ikan, however, meat, chicken, tofu, or vegetables are regular fixings too.

Bebek Bengil:

Another Balinese most loved is Bebek Bengil and you can’t state you’ve been to Bali without attempting this nearby should have.  Each serving accompanies sauteed potatoes, a side plate of mixed greens, or rice and Balinese vegetables. On the off chance that you love potatoes however much that we do, you can even select to have your rice changed to smooth pound potatoes that truly supplement the kinds of the duck.


Tum takes on an alternate structure, with the wrapping collapsed and sewed at one top end, and is typically steamed. Tum generally contains minced pork blended in with spiced glue. The utilization of banana leaves adds a fragrant and true Balinese flavor to Tum.

Pisang Goreng:

Pisang Goreng is essentially bananas covered with the hitter and broiled in hot oil. When rotisserie, the hitter turns firm, while the banana is obviously, sweet and delicate. Bali has such an assortment of bananas from the little, sweet assortments to the huge ones that resemble a weapon. The various kinds make seared bananas a treat each time. Presented with nectar or palm sugar syrup, a tad of chipped coconut or vanilla frozen yogurt or downright from the side of the road slows down, nothing is superior to Pisang Goreng.

Things To Do In Bali:

While visiting Bali has become stereotypical these days for certain numerous individuals attempting to discover their “Eat, Pray, Love” insight and relax at some costly yoga retreat, I actually discover the island to be delightful, spending well disposed, and loaded with activities. The field is excellent, the seashores are picture awesome, there is extraordinary climbing, neighborly local people, elite feasting, and it’s economical. So, see below the things to do in Bali.

Enjoy Hot Springs:

There are a few on the island. It is unbelievably stimulating to sit in these normal pools while you take in the lavish, lovely scene surrounding you. In the northeastern mountains, there are some on the shores of Lake Batur. Another great spot is Air Banjar, which is situated on the northern bank of the island close to Lovina.

Visit A Hindu Temple:

The island of Bali is shrouded in sanctuaries. There are in any event three in each city and they are viewed as the most popular attractions. The most noticeable sanctuaries are the nine directional sanctuaries and The Mother Temple.

Visit Nusa Lembongan:

Found right off the shoreline of Bali, this little island is a decent option in contrast to the wildness that is Bali. The seashores aren’t extraordinary here yet surfing is great, with probably the best breaks in Bali. The plunging is likewise incredible here and it’s less expensive than the terrain.

Experience Balinese Culture In Ubud:

Ubud is the second most famous vacationer zone yet is as yet the best spot to find out about Balinese culture. There are various delightful sanctuaries, variously recorded locales, dance shows, and probably the best food on the island.

Climb Mount Batur:

Numerous voyagers climb up this 1,700m spring of gushing lava for the broad vistas and shocking dawn it offers. The trip just requires a few hours, and there are a lot of aides accessible to lead the way.

Adventurous Sports:

There are huge loads of bold exercises to do. You can go paragliding, climbing, mountain cycling, horseback riding, wilderness traveling, and even treetop zip-lining. Costs will fluctuate, however, they are largely very moderate.

Scuba Diving And Swimming:

While swimming is consistently an alternative here, Bali is generally mainstream for its amazing plunge spots. The reefs here are excellent and there is a stunning assortment of fish to see. The disaster area of a US freight transport, Liberty, is a strongly suggested spot.

Visit Spa:

Bali is the ideal spot to re-stimulate by spoiling yourself and delivering restrained pressure and strain. Balinese knead is perhaps the most unwinding on the planet, and there are various Balinese spa medicines that include the utilization of different spices lot.

Go Dolphin Observing:

There are different organizations that offer dawn boat excursions and you are probably going to find out about them at each inn you remain in. It’s around a two-hour journey and it’s ideal to get a ticket the day preceding.

Things To Avoid In Bali:

The rich and uncommon marine life in this Emerald Island is something everybody ought to endeavor to safeguard. Here is a rundown of things not to do in Andamans in order to ensure the fortunes found in the Sea and the seashores

  • Try not to smoke in open zones.
  • Try not to utilize plastic sacks. Plastic conveys packs are restricted in the Andaman Islands. In the event that anyone is gotten with a plastic convey sack, he/she can be fined either Rs. 1,00,000 or detained for a half year or both.
  • Whatever the size or state of shells you find – in the ocean or on the seashore taking them or in any event, contacting them is carefully denied. Try not to gather shells. To claim shells, you should get them. Additionally, keep the receipt of procurement.
  • Try not to chase any sort of winged creatures and creatures both ashore and on the ocean. Kindly assist us in protecting the verdure of the Islands.
  • Remaining on seashores or timberland regions short-term is carefully disallowed. Take care to re-visitation of your lodging or resort after nightfall.
  • Try not to light blazes in seashores or backwoods. Outdoors on the islands is a culpable offense.
  • Breaking, in any event, contacting a live coral is precluded. Gathering dead coral is likewise not permitted.

Travelers Hack By TravelJunction To Visit Bali:

There are a lot of taxicabs accessible, we discovered cabs were a decent choice for visiting Bali with kids. Bluebird taxis generally have a meter, however, a few taxi rides will expect you to arrange and fix a cost ahead of time.

Travelers Hack For Couples:

  • On the off chance that you like to have a great time as a team, at that point this is unquestionably on the rundown of sentimental activities in Bali. Bradley and I went through the entire day at this waterpark and it was splendid.
  • Swimming is another sentimental activity in Bali for couples who love something else. This island is found simply a short brief boat trip from the territory of Bali and is important for the Menjangan National Marine Park.
  • Ooooooooh yes. At the point when you are remaining at one of the stunning inns on a proposal for couples in Bali, at that point, they will effectively have the option to orchestrate a private dusk supper on the seashore.

Travelers Hack For Family:

It’s perhaps the most amicable objective for families and there’s presumably no simpler spot to have a loosening up the occasion with youthful ones. The Balinese love kids and numerous inns and resorts provide food, particularly for youngsters. There are free children’s club action programs, huge family stays with toys, limited interconnecting rooms, and free or limited youngsters’ suppers. Sitters are promptly accessible and are fantastic worth, costing only a couple of dollars 60 minutes.

Travelers Hack For Friends:

  • To appreciate Bali with companions, remain in Kuta and Seminyak for the most revelers of you. Clubs, bars, cafés, you will be ruined for decision. Have an inclination that a more settled day’s end? You can likewise appreciate nature yet additionally the seashore for a beverage at nightfall in the numerous bars.
  • On the off chance that you need to go through a peaceful occasion with companions, we offer you the areas of Umalas and Kerobokan where you can appreciate delightful seashores and verdant scenes for a candid get-together. At Shanti Villa, we put together your stay customized with you as per your desires and we adjust our proposals of rental of the estate in Bali to your particular solicitations during your remain.
  • Your Villa Expert is at your whole removal during the determination of the manors yet in addition on location to cause you to appreciate the best of Bali with a customized head out attendant service custom-made to your requirements to make your stay in Bali remarkable additionally called ‘Island of the divine beings notable to all.

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