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Chittorgarh Fort: One Of The World Heritage Sites

Chittorgarh fort


Listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Rajasthan, the Chittorgarh Fort, also known as Chittor Fort, is a testimony to the bravery of the men and women of Rajput descent. It is spread over an area of ​​280 hectares, 180 meters high on a hill. It is said that the fort was built by Mauryas in the 7th-century ed. This fort is a good example of great ancient artwork which can surprise you at its first sight here. The artwork on the pillar is very beautiful here, it is said that it took about 10 years to create artwork on a pillar. Chittorgarh Fort is the largest fort in India. The fort describes the story of love, courage, determination, and sacrifice. A glimpse of the fort still admits the glory of the Rajputs who once lived here.

History Of Chittorgarh Fort


History Of Chittorgarh Fort:

It is believed that in the initial period, the Mauryas built Chittorgarh Fort in the 7th century. There are also many records that show that Mewar ruled Chittorgarh fort for about 834 years. Bappa Rawal established the fort in 724 AD, after which the fort saw many wars and rulers.

It was attacked about 3 times by the famous rulers but with their bravery, Rajput rulers saved the fort all the time. In 1303, Allauddin Khilji attacked the fort, who wanted to capture the queen Padmini, who was said to be surprisingly beautiful. He wanted that he came with them and when he refused, Allauddin Khilji attacked the fort and defeated the ruler.

Second time Raja Bahadur Shah of Gujarat sacked the fort and Akbar, the Mughal Emperor, attacked the fort in 1567, who wanted to capture Maharana Uday Singh. In 1616, a Mughal emperor, Jahangir, returned to the king Maharaja Amar Singh, who was then the head of Mewar at that time.

Architecture Of Chittorgarh Fort


Architecture Of Chittorgarh Fort:

The Fort of Chittorgarh boasts of 84 water reservoirs in its premises, out of which only 22 remaining remains to be left. It is said that these 84 water bodies have so much water that it can meet the needs of 50,000 troops of the state for 4 consecutive years. Now you can just imagine the princess of this place.

Chittorgarh Fort has many holy temples, sacred pillars, and 7 gates, which are so high that the enemies can not be seen in the fort either by standing on elephants or camels. In the past, about 100,000 residents lived within the fort; Even today, the count is around 25,000. The vast ruins of this place have inspired tourists and writers from many countries. India’s largest fort invites you to visit and explore your beauty and royalty and welcomes you.

Attraction Within The Fort Of Chittorgarh


Attraction Within The Fort Of Chittorgarh:

Vijay Stambh:

Vijay Stambh in Chittorgarh is also known as “The Pillar Of Victory”, Vijay pillar was created by Rana Kumbha to celebrate victory over Mahmud Shah Khali. Now the tower is published in the evening and the Chittor offers a stunning view of the city.

Tower of Fame (Kirti Column):

This 22-meter high tower, Kirti column was constructed by Jain trader Jijaji Rathore. Kirti Stambha is dedicated to Adinath, which was the first and the most famous Jain Tirthankara.

Rana Kumba Palace:

This palace is situated near Vijay pillar and it is the oldest structure of the fort. The founder of Udaipur Maharana Uday Singh was born here. Entry into the palace is through Suraj Pole. The palace has beautiful carvings and sculptures.

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Padmini Palace Chittorgarh:

It is a 3-story white building located in the southern part of the fort. It is decorated with a pavilion at the top and surrounded by a pillar of water. The architecture of this palace is an example of many other notable structures that are surrounded by water.

Light and Sound Show of Chittorgarh Fort:

Chittaurgarh sound and light show were started by the Rajasthan Tourism Department to know about the history of the tourist fort. The show is prepared by ITDC which is run by RTDC. With a mix of beautiful Rajasthani music, both English and Hindi have a sound and light show of about 58 minutes.

Sound And Light Show Time: 7:00 PM and the admission fee for adult Rs 50 / – and Rs. 25 for a child.

Entry Ticket of Chittorgarh Fort:

For Indians: Rs 5
For foreign tourists: Rs 100
Children under 15 years: Free to enter
Sound And Light Show Tickets: Rs. 50