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Which Is The Richest State In India?

richest state in india


Maharashtra is the richest state in India. The gross GDP of this state is 27.96 lakh crore. The capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai which is the Economic Capital of India. The most noteworthy no. of moguls and extremely rich people that consider it the top live in Mumbai. Along these lines, here we should find out about this state.

Richest State In India: Maharashtra

GDP: Rs. 27.96 lakh crore

State Animal: Indian giant squirrel

State Bird: Yellow-footed green pigeon

State Tree: Mango

State Flower: Jarul

Butterfly: Blue Mormon




Maharashtra is the second-most crowded state and third-biggest state by area in India. Spread over 307,713 km2 (118,809 sq mi), it is flanked by the Arabian Sea toward the west, the Indian conditions of Karnataka and Goa toward the south. Maharashtra is the richest state in India.

Telangana and Chhattisgarh toward the east, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh toward the north, and the Indian association region of Dadra and Nagar Haveli toward the northwest.

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Maharashtra has an average storm atmosphere, with sweltering, blustery and chilly climate seasons. Nonetheless, dew, ice, and hail additionally happen at times, contingent on the occasional climate.

The winter in January and February is trailed by summer among March and May and the rainstorm season among June and September.

Summers are outrageous with March, April, and May as the most blazing months. During April and May rainstorms are regular everywhere throughout the state.

Temperature shifts between 22 °C and 43 °C during this season. Precipitation begins ordinarily in the primary seven day stretch of June. July is the wettest month in Maharashtra, while August additionally gets a considerable downpour. Maharashtra is the richest state in India.




The Godavari and the Krishna are the two noteworthy streams in the state. The Narmada and Tapi Rivers flow close to the fringe between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

The fundamental streams of the state are Krishna, Bhima, Godavari, Tapi-Purna and Wardha-Wainganga. Since the focal pieces of the state get low precipitation, a large portion of the streams in the district have various dams. Maharashtra has around 1821 striking huge dams.

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The economy of Maharashtra is driven by assembling, global exchange, Mass Media (TV, films, computer games, recorded music), aviation, innovation, oil, design, clothing, and the travel industry.

Maharashtra is the most industrialized state and has kept up the main position in the modern segment in India. The State is a pioneer in little scale ventures. Maharashtra is the richest state in India.

Mumbai, the capital of the state and the money related capital of India, houses the central command of the greater part of the major corporate and budgetary organizations. India’s main stock exchanges and capital market and ware trades are situated in Mumbai.

The State keeps on pulling in mechanical speculations from household just as remote organizations. Maharashtra has the biggest extent of taxpayers in India and its offer markets execute just about 70 % of the nation’s stocks.

Maharashtra contributes 25% of the nation’s mechanical yield and is the most obligated state in the nation. Maharashtra is the richest state in India.

Industrial action in the state is gathered in four locales: Mumbai city, Mumbai rural region, Thane and Pune areas. Mumbai has the biggest offer in GSDP (21.5 %), both Thane and Pune regions contribute about same in the Industry area, Pune region contributes more in the agribusiness and partnered exercises segment, while Thane region contributes more in the Services segment.

Nashik region shares most astounding in the farming and united exercises segment however is a long ways behind in the Industry and Services divisions when contrasted with Thane and Pune locale.
Enterprises in Maharashtra incorporate compound and substance items (17.6%), sustenance and nourishment items (16.1%), refined oil based commodities (12.9%), apparatus and hardware (8%), materials (6.9%), fundamental metals (5.8%), engine vehicles (4.7%) and furniture (4.3%). Maharashtra is the assembling center for the absolute biggest open area businesses in India, including Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Tata Petrodyne, and Oil India Ltd.




Customarily, Marathi ladies generally wore the sari, frequently particularly structured by nearby social traditions.

Most moderately aged and young ladies in urban Maharashtra dress in western outfits, for example, skirts and pants or shalwar kameez with the traditionally nauvari or nine-yard lugade, vanishing from the business sectors because of an absence of interest. More established ladieswear a five-yard sari.

In urban territories, the five-yard sari, particularly the Paithani, is worn by more youthful ladies for unique events, for example, relational unions and religious functions.

Among men, western dressing has more prominent acknowledgment. Men additionally wear conventional outfits, for example, the dhoti, and pheta on social events.

The Gandhi top is the well-known headgear among more established men in rustic Maharashtra. The Kurta (a long shirt) is worn by men on extraordinary events.

Ladies wear customary adornments got from Maratha and Peshwa lines. Kolhapuri saaj, a unique kind of jewelry, is additionally worn by Marathi ladies. In urban territories, numerous ladies and men wear western clothing.

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Maharashtra food covers a range from mellow to exceptionally zesty dishes. Wheat, rice, jowar, bajra, vegetables, lentils, and natural product structure the staple food of the Maharashtrian diet.

A portion of the well known conventional dishes include puran poli, ukdiche modak, and Batata Wada.

Misal Pav, Pav Bhaji and Vada pav are dishes that turned out to be well known over the most recent fifty years.

Among fish, the most prominent fish is bombil or the Bombay duck. All non-veggie lovers and vegan dishes are eaten with bubbled rice, chapatis or with bhakris, made of jowar, bajra or rice flours.

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