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Beautiful And Peaceful Beaches In Karnataka

Beaches In Karnataka


Due to its natural beauty and unique culture, Karnataka is one of the most beautiful states of India. The 320 km long coastline of Karnataka is rich in the picturesque beaches. So, here I am going to give some information on beaches in Karnataka. See this below…

Beaches In Karnataka:

In Karnataka you will see many mountains and waterfalls besides wildlife, on the other hand, many important areas are increasing every day in the state’s tourism industry.

The coconut and palm trees, the light summer, the clear blue sky, and the calm sea flowing in front a very peaceful places to spend your vacation. So, let’s see the popular beaches in Karnataka.

Malpe Beach


Malpe Beach:

Malpe is a city of beaches which is located just six kilometers away from the Udupi town of the temples. It is an important fishing area of ​​a natural harbor and Karnataka coast.

Malpe Beach is the preferred destination for people in Malpe. Malpe Beach is popular locally due to the clean atmosphere and stalls of delicious local dishes of food. Many cultural events and sports events are organized on this beach. The number of tourists visiting this beach has also increased.

St. Mary Island Beach


St. Mary Island Beach:

Saint Mary Island is known as the Coconut Island in Karnataka. This island is a group of four small islands that fall in the Mauppei Sea Coast of Udupi. Basalt lava formation offers one of the most unique views of the islands here.

One of the specialties of this island is that it has been included in twenty-six important places by Indian geologists even giving it a special status. It is said that Portuguese sailor Vasco Da Gama halted here before going to Kappal in Kerala. This is a very quiet place.

Karwar Beach


Karwar Beach:

Karwar, on the west coast of the Indian Peninsula, just 15 km from the Goa district Is located at a distance of 520 km from Karnataka’s capital Bangalore. Is located at a distance. It is the district headquarters of Uttar Kannada district and it has been a vibrant business since the 15th century.

Karwar is a natural harbor, where the treasures of Kerala spices are also found in the majority. It is the main part of the Indian Navy. Close to Karwar, the Kali River is located and joins the Arabian Sea.

Marwanthe Beach


Marwanthe Beach:

Marwanthe is a great destination for those who look closer to natural beauty. Here, on one side you will be seen in the Arabian Sea, on the other hand, you will also be able to get through the river Suparnika. If you want, you can also track trekking in the hills of Kodachari. Here you will find everything that you might have imagined in your dreams.

Gokarna Beach


Gokarna Beach:

Gokarna is a pilgrimage site located in the northern Kannada district of Karnataka and this place is a beautiful coast for tourists. This place is located on the confluence of two rivers, Agni and Gangavali.

Gokarna is fast emerging as a tourist destination nowadays and many beautiful beaches look like the shores of Goa. Here are the five major rivers of the Kundel coast, Gokarn Coast, Half Moon Coast, Paradise Coast, and Om Coast, which attract tourists.

Murudeshwar Beach


Murudeshwar Beach:

As soon as you reach the beach, you will see a huge statue of Lord Shiva. This idol is considered one of the world’s largest statues associated with Lord Shiva. Here is a very quiet beach between which you can easily see the vast sea.

Kaup Beach


Kaup Beach:

When you go 12 kilometers south of Udupi, you will get a confluence there. There is a 100-foot-high lighthouse from where the magnificent sea is built. In the meantime, it is also known by names like Kop and Kapu Beach.

Tilmati Beach


Tilmati Beach:

Timati Beach is also called Black Sand Beach. This is because black sand is found in the middle of the middle. This is considered to be the best beach for a picnic. From this point of view, sunrise and sunset are quite attractive and interesting. Here you can enjoy rock climbing with water spots as well. Can ride cruises and enjoy bird watching.

Rabindranath Tagore Beach


Rabindranath Tagore Beach:

Karwar Beach is located about one kilometer from the bus stop in Karwar. It is also known as Ravindranath Tagore Beach. With the beauty of the beach, you can also enjoy the Park, the Musical Fountain, the Toy Train, and the Fish House.

Majali Beach


Majali Beach:

On reaching Karwar, it is situated about 10 kilometers from the bus stand, Majali village. The beach on which it is settled is also called the Majali beach. This beach is festive for its cottages and resorts made by the sea.

It houses modern houses equipped with modern facilities and cottages also rented for the lodgers. Here the luminosity of swimming, kayaking, pedaling, trekking and sunset can be enjoyed.

Kodibag Beach


Kodibag Beach:

The beach is between Kodi Bagh, where you can make your evening very beautiful. The panoramic view here is even more amazing in the sunlight.

Looking at the sunset here you will be remembered throughout life. Tourists who ride water games come here in large numbers. Meanwhile, the specialty is that it is counted among the most beautiful beaches.

Om Beach


Om Beach:

Om Beach is quite famous in Gokarna. Given its size, it is called Om Beach. Popular for its beauty and tranquility, it is also known for beach water sports. Swimming in the middle is also very easy.

Kundale Beach


Kundale Beach:

Kundale Beach is surrounded by a number of palm trees from all sides. Here you can enjoy both the rise and the sun. It is said that Kundale Beach is the largest beach in all of Gokarna.

Half Moon Beach


Half Moon Beach:

About Gokarn’s Half Moon Beach, it is said that it resembles half the size of the Moon. In the meantime, it has to go through the hills to go. Tourists are attracted to Huff Moon Beach.

Paradise Beach


Paradise Beach:

Paradise beach is considered a very peaceful beach. Here the sea waves come crashing down. To reach the Paradise beach, you have to take a boat. Apart from this, can go to the beach by the way of forests.

Devbag Beach


Devbag Beach:

The picturesque Devbag beach is situated on an island. Wherever the Karwar coast can be reached by speedboat. This only beach, scattered along the Casuarina Grove, allows the city’s escape from the days of running life. Here the tourists are lost in the picturesque surroundings of the tourist.

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