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Most Beautiful And Famous Beaches In Goa

famous beaches in goa


Goa has a long and wide coastline and beach, which attracts a large part of the tourists around the world. The southern part of Goa is known for its white silver sand. This makes it the same unique and special. With 105 km of beautiful beaches and endless seaside, Goa is an Ideal Holiday Destination. The quiet and picturesque atmosphere here attracts all, and in fact, before you go holidays in Goa, you have to plan on which one you want to roam. So, here I am giving some famous beaches in Goa. See this below…

Famous Beaches In Goa:

Various activities are taking place around most of Goa’s beaches. Watersports Activities, Retreat Resorts, Massage Center, Beach Shakes, Beach Hut, Restaurants, Boat Rides, Jet Ski Scooters Rides, Night Markets, Disco Clubs, Shopping Stalls, Tourist Spots, etc. So, see the famous beaches in Goa. See this below…

Palolem Beach


Palolem Beach:

A quiet and beautiful beach “Palolem” on the southern edge of Goa. This beautiful beaches equipped with rocks. You can, enjoy the watersports activity can be enjoyed. This coast is making its mark among foreign tourists and is gathering a lot of people due to access to the Internet, but still, there is less crowd in comparison to other popular beaches. Many people say that I have become accustomed to this place but I would say that I started loving with it.

Baga Beach


Baga Beach:

This Baga Beach seems like it has come out of a direct painting. The peace of this wild “headland” is a great attraction of Baga Beach with its beautiful beauty. This is one of the famous beaches in Goa. The tourists are more here to spoil the activities of watersports such as jet skis, speedboats, banana rides, besides there are plenty of nightclubs and disco clubs, in which Tito is very popular, the name of this beach named “Baga Creek”, which ends in the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach. Definitely, my number in my list because this is just the best of the facilities around it.

Benaulim Beach


Benaulim Beach:

Benaulim Beach is the coast when you just want to relax. This gives you the joy and satisfaction of being in Goa. The best part about Benaulim beach is that it is still overlooked by domestic tourists, even if it is a famous beach for fishing. A candlelight dinner between settings is a great add-on for a perfect holiday.

Miramar Beach


Miramar Beach:

A 2 km long coastline with a fine, soft silver sand bed, a giant shiny beach in front of it, Miramar Beach is a beautiful extension of palm trees in front of the Arabian Sea, as well as beautiful golden sand. Miramar beach is like the beach where you sit and watch the sunset in full glory.

Colva Beach


Colva Beach:

The length of this coast is about 2.4 km; There is white sand like a fine powder on the beach and its shape is like coconut leaf. It is one of Goa’s famous beaches and is good for those who want beautiful sunshine and a relaxing moment. This beach is a view of the sand and sky, which is the perfect combination of an attractive natural harmony, which makes its magic on tourists.

Kalangut Beach


Kalangut Beach:

Any Indian tourist thinks about Goa’s beaches (middle), firstly it is named Kalangut in his mind, Kalangut is the center of attraction for tourists and backpacker with low budget tourists as well. This is one of the famous beaches in Goa. Located on the western coast of Goa, Kalangut is the most famous beach in India as a tourist destination. Popular in the 60s by hippies, which included Beatles, who enjoyed resting in Kalangut and enjoy beach life in the sixties.

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Majorca Beach


Majorca Beach:

Located in the south of Goa, Morada Beach is a beach that will eradicate your entire fatigue with its beautiful trees, soft white sand, clear water. The peaceful environment of this beach is one of Goa’s most amazing place to visit. The Majorca beach can be regarded as the most secretive secret of Goa, which is relatively unknown and gives visitors to Goa the experience of surrounding environments such as Paradise.

Bogmalo Beach


Bogmalo Beach:

The most attractive thing about this beach is its sunset. Yellow color with pink, orange on the horizon, it is an experience you can not forget in this lifetime. Bogmalo was originally a small fishing village, but now it is a growing tourist center. Many local people in the village rely on fishing for their livelihood. Quality time can be spent with family, friends and loved ones. Certainly, the Bogmalo beach tour will be held in your memory for a very long time.

Vagator Beach


Vagator Beach:

Vagator beach meets Chapora River. This is one of the famous beaches in Goa. There is white sand on this beach, which is beautifully contrasted with black rocks. The surrounding beautiful greenery, curved palm trees and marine waters of the Arabian Sea of ​​Vagator beach give you a wonderful feeling. and yes! The very famous Sunburn Festival has been moved to this beautiful place. Spend some time on the rocks to see a spectacular view from the beach. The sunset on Vagator is very beautiful, to go to Vagator, there are beautiful paths going from Asangaon to Mapusa. In the middle, you will also find a house made of Portuguese style.

Arambol Beach


Arambol Beach:

This beach is one of the famous beaches of northern Goa. Compared to Kalangut and Baga beach, this beach is less crowded, which is a plus point. This beach is very clean and due to its low crowd, you can see here many foreign tourists who enjoy the sunshine on the beach. This place is easily accessible, we went through the bike here. You can easily get here via Google navigation.

Here are some rocks and there are big rocks on the beach which is a unique and unique feature of this beach. This is good for beach photography. Do not miss the sunset here, it’s worth seeing. Also note that swimming is prohibited in some areas of this beach, so make sure that you are in a safe area. When I was at this place, there was no lifeguard, so I do not believe whether lifeguards are available or not, so it is better to enjoy on the beach. The beach sand is white and clear. There are many living facilities near the beach.

Morjim Beach


Morjim Beach:

Located in Morjim Beach in the north of Panaji, this beach is becoming increasingly popular in tourism. This is one of the famous beaches in Goa. Morjim Beach Bird Watching and the endangered Olive Ridley Turtle’s nest house. If you are interested in the protection of Olive Ridley Turtles, then you can go even further to Galijbag Beach. You can also have fun in the sea sand in the middle of Goa’s Morjim. The bars and shacks of this beach or small wood and bamboo huts make it an attractive tourist spot and in Morjim, Goa is the favorite destination for foreigners.

Sinquerim Beach


Sinquerim Beach:

One of the less crowded beaches of northern Goa, the white sands in the Sinquarium Beach are very close to the famous Aguada fort. There are many luxurious hotels around it, if you want to celebrate a special occasion, there are many luxury packages available here. Apart from this, Sinquarium Beach is a charming beach for fun and beach parties. In the meantime, there are many decorations, such as sand curves, apart from Palm trees, etc., this creates a perfect holiday destination.

Chapora Beach


Chapora Beach:

Chapora Beach is a quiet beach and it is one of the most beloved beaches of Goa, along with its water sports, beachside, good food. The white sand with black lava rock is and the view of the Chapora fort on the sea gives a spectacular view of here. You can also visit nearby Chapora village. Here was the shooting of Dil Chahta Hai on Chapora Fort.

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