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Top 10 Largest Island In The World

largest island in the world


The world’s land area is consists of Continents and Islands. Some of the Islands are continental and some of them are oceanic. There are many Islands are in this world. So, today I am giving here the 10 largest Island in the world. So, see the largest in the world below…

1. Greenland:

Greenland is the largest island in the world which is located in the north-eastern direction of North America. Its total population is about 60 thousand. Its capital is Nook. It was discovered by Eric and Red in 986 AD. About five percent area of this country is worth living. Its total area is 2,130,800 square kilometers (822,700 square miles). Even though it has so many areas, its population is less than 10 lakhs. The reason for this is that snow is frozen in most parts of Greenland.

2. New Guinea:

New Guinea is the second largest island in the world. This island is divided into two parts – Papua-New Guinea in the eastern part and Irian Jaya Prefecture of Indonesia in the western part. New Guinea Island is located in the Pacific Ocean. Its total area is 785,753 square kilometers (303,381 square miles). Papua New Guinea and Indonesia have the rights of these two countries on the entire territory of this island.

3. Borneo:

Most of Kalimantan located in the north of Java is the province of Indonesia. In the north-western part of Malaysia, the Sabah province of Malaysia and the Buni country are located. The area of Borneo is 748,168 square kilometers.

4. Madagascar:

The world’s fourth largest island is located in the south-eastern part of Africa. Antananarivo its capital is a natural harbor. The island has stores of asbestos, graphite. Coffee, vanilla, cloves, and sugar are exported. It is an independent country and the area is 587,041 square kilometers (226,658 square miles).

5. Baffin Island:

Located in the northeast of Canada, Canada is the largest island in the country. Ice is frozen on most parts of it. Its Frobisher Bay, Cape Dyer and Cape Dorset are small fishing harbors. The area of Baffin Island is 507,451 square kilometers.

6. Sumatra:

The world’s sixth largest island is an important island in Indonesia. The middle of the Straits of Malacca separates it from the Malaya Peninsula. Medan is its largest city. Rubber and wood are exported from this island. The area of Sumatra is 443,066 square kilometers.

7. Honshu:

Japan’s largest and the seventh largest island in the world. Japan’s highest mountain Fuji-Yoma (3776 m) is situated on this island and the capital of the country Tokyo is a natural harbor on its eastern coast. The area of Honshu is 225,800 square kilometers.

8. Victoria:

This island of Canada is the ninth largest island in the world. In most part of the year, the snow remains on this island. The area of Victoria is 217,291 square kilometers.

9. Great Britain:

England, Scotland, and Wales are part of this island is the largest island of the United Kingdom. The area of Great Britain is 209,331 square kilometers.

10. Ellesmere:

Located in the north-west of Greenland, the Elsemerie Island, located in the north of Canada, is mostly located. This island was discovered by William Bafin in 1616 AD. The area of Elsemerie Island is 196,236 square kilometers.

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