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Best And Exciting Things To Do In Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is the educational, commercial, and cultural center of the eastern part of India, and is the third most populous metropolitan city in India. Kolkata is a pioneer in the fields of drama, art, theater, and literature, with many Nobel laureates contributing to Kolkata culture. Here, we explore the best things to do in Kolkata.

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Things To Do In Kolkata:

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, has always been famous for its culture and diversity. The city has made special contributions in the field of art, music, and literature since its inception. While the city is famous for its street food and mouth-watering rasogollas, on the other hand, Howrah Bridge, which is present here, also embellishes the moon in this city. Today Kolkata has developed into a hot spot in the tourism sector. Apart from the country, many tourists from abroad also come here and appreciate the wonderful style here. So, let’s know exciting things to do in Kolkata.

Breakfast At Terreti Market


1. Breakfast At Terreti Market: Things To Do In Kolkata

By 9 am, the streets of Kolkata usually have to offer, with morning birds crawling along with pastel skies, bright yellow cabs, and cats away. However, Terreti Bazaar, a picturesque corner away from Kolkata, is a bustling, lively place, even in the early hours. The market is a hidden treasure of Kolkata and is best known for its exceptional street food, especially its Chinese cuisine. One of the most memorable moments for any traveler in Kolkata is definitely roaming from stall to stall, discovering all the different cuisines on offer.

Gain Knowledge From Science City


2. Gain Knowledge From Science City: Things To Do In Kolkata

The science city of Kolkata should be the motto, “The science city of Kolkata should be the motto, which is one of the finest and largest science centers in India established by the National Science Science Museum. Science city is the most entertaining way to learn. Encourages; with interactive performances, 8 theater experience, and a high-tech motion-thriller, Science City It is one of the most visited sites in Kolkata and a favorite place for people of all ages.

Melt Heart At Mother Teresa House


3. Melt Heart At Mother Teresa House: Things To Do In Kolkata

Mother Teresa said, “Hearts to love and hands,” and to this day people all over the world love nothing but a peaceful mind and a happy heart for a return to the Missionary of Charity. Mother Teresa House is a must visit to learn the ideology and take a look at how Mother Teresa lives. Close to Mother Teresa’s large mausoleum is a museum that shows the sandals and the dress, including the bowl in which she ate and a room display of the place where Mother Teresa worked and slept, left in the same state when She was alive.

Scare At South Park Street Cemetery


4. Scare At South Park Street Cemetery: Things To Do In Kolkata

South Park Street Cemetery, as it may sound, is a burial ground known for being a pleasant place to rest. Although sometimes decorated with grand Gothic-style mausoleum pillars and burial cemetery facades engraved with Hindu symbols, Park Street Cemetery offers beautiful scenery and a sense of history and intrigue, to spend a unique afternoon Is suitable for.

Neoclassical Architecture Of Marble Palace


5. Neoclassical Architecture Of Marble Palace: Things To Do In Kolkata

Marble Palace was built by the Bengali merchant Raja Rajendra Mullick, whose family members still live here. With a neoclassical style, this incredible building is made up of 26 varieties of Italian marble. This haveli is one of the most elegant and best preserved houses in Kolkata. Although the interior of the Marble Palace contains Victorian furniture and Western modifications, the exterior décor is true with traditional Bengali roots, traditional open courtyards and places of worship, strictly used only by family members. Apart from the palace, visitors can enjoy the garden with a lawn, a rock garden, a lake, and a small zoo.

Heritage Of Kumortuli


6. Heritage Of Kumortuli: Things To Do In Kolkata

Kumortuli is an incredible destination for the artistically and culturally inclined. Traditionally the pottery district of Kolkata, today the craft still flourishes, with the region not only providing the majority of clay sculptures depicting Hindu gods and goddesses in the vicinity but also to many countries around the world Provides. Before painting the beautiful, jewel-dazzling colors, the workshops are attractive, with sculptures made from scratch from clay. Look for shops where products are on sale – they make excellent and unique souvenirs.

River View Of Howrah Bridge


7. River View Of Howrah Bridge: Things To Do In Kolkata

Looking skyward from his vehicle, Howrah Bridge looks like a brilliant cut diamond outline. The Howrah Bridge is built without any nuts and bolts and is one of the busiest bridges worldwide, as well as the third longest cantilever bridge in the world. It connects Howrah and Kolkata. On the way to Kolkata, driving across the Howrah Bridge on the Hooghly River is a pleasant ride and a great way to enjoy this remarkable feat of engineering.

History Of Shaheed Minar


8. History Of Shaheed Minar: Things To Do In Kolkata

The tall, white tower of the Shaheed Minar is hard to miss amidst the bright-green brigade ground, otherwise known as the Shaheed Minar Maidan. The Shaheed Minar was initially built as a tribute to Major General Sir David Ochterlony, the Commander of the British East India Company in 1991, however, it was commemorated in 1804 by the martyrs of the Indian independence movement. Its new name, Shaheed Maidan, translates to ‘Martyrs Monument’. The monument is a mixture of architectural styles, with its foundations being Egyptian, column Syrian and domed Turkish. It has a balcony, which provides a panoramic view of the charming city of Kolkata.

Joy In Tram Ride


9. Joy In Tram Ride: Things To Do In Kolkata

The most attractive sight to come while traveling through Kolkata is the Denti tram. Many people are surprisingly wild, while the new ones still retain the old essence that makes the tram the signature icon of Kolkata. A comfortable ride on a road car through the time-honored city is a must before leaving Kolkata.

History Of Victoria Memorial


10. History Of Victoria Memorial: Things To Do In Kolkata

Kolkata’s identity is Victoria Memorial, it is one of the most popular sightseeing places in Kolkata. A large number of people from India and abroad come to see the Victoria Memorial. This memorial was built in 1901 by Viceroy Lord Curzon in memory of Queen Victoria. It took 20 years to build this memorial at that time. This memorial started in 1901 and ended in 1921. This building is an invaluable heritage of British rule in India. The building boasts of the Taj Mahal of Agra framed in white marble and the architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. There are 25 different types of rooms in this building, in which about 3500 items related to Queen Victoria have been stored and kept for visiting tourists. This Memorial is open from 10 am to 5 pm. The museum remains closed on Mondays.

British Culture Of Fort William


11. British Culture Of Fort William: Things To Do In Kolkata

Established during the British rule, this huge palace is one of the most fascinating places in Kolkata. Its location is on the east side of the Hooghly River. The building, which is more than a hundred years old, has been used for various purposes at different times. During the English period, it was often used as a prison. It is currently being used as the headquarters of the Eastern Command.

Botanical Gardens For Nature Lover


12. Botanical Gardens For Nature Lover: Things To Do In Kolkata

The famous Botanical Garden, Kolkata, has grown to about 20 acres on the west bank of the Ganges. Botanical Gardens are very much attracted to nature lovers. There are more than 12,000 different species of trees. There is a great sense of tranquility in the place as there is greenery all around. If you feel tired of the citizenship of the city, the Botanical Garden will give you a peaceful diversity.

Worshiping In Dakshineswar Kali Temple


13. Worshiping In Dakshineswar Kali Temple: Things To Do In Kolkata

The Kali Temple is one of the famous antiquities of Kolkata. In 7, Rani Rasmani built the temple in the symbol of his devotion to Mahadevi Kali. This temple is one of the most popular destinations of the Hindu religion since then.

Peace In Belur Math


14. Peace In Belur Math: Things To Do In Kolkata

Many of us know about the famous Belur monastery. It is a desirable destination for devout people. The activities of the famous Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Monastery were mainly conducted from here. The ancient monastery of the monastery and the greenery surrounds you in a wonderful peace. Many tourists who come to seek spiritual peace arrive at this Belur monastery.

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Budget Shopping At Newmarket Or Hog Market


15. Budget Shopping At Newmarket Or Hog Market: Things To Do In Kolkata

Hog Market, located on Lindsay Street, Kolkata, is a popular hot spot in Kolkata, whose city malls still fill the water ahead of its beauty and splendor. Here you will find everything from electronics to dresses. There are over 2000 shops in one place. This place is for those who are proficient in bargaining. Here you will find jewelry, bags, purses, sweets, designer clothes, everything. This market opens from 10 am to 8 pm on normal days and 2.30 pm on Saturdays. The shops are closed on Sundays.

More Shopping At Dakshinapan Shopping Center


16. More Shopping At Dakshinapan Shopping Center: Things To Do In Kolkata

To the southwest of Dhakuria Bridge is Dakshinapan Shopping Center, which is a beautiful place in itself. It is a two-story high building where you can make your shopping memorable forever. Most of the shops here are government shops where you will find things depicting the culture of the state. The market opens from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11 am to 7.30 pm and Mondays at 2 pm.

Food At Park Street


17. Food At Park Street: Things To Do In Kolkata

Park Street is also known as Food Street, this street is woken overnight because there are different types of restaurants and pubs. The place was one of the top nightlife destinations during the 70s and 80s. This road is one of the major attractions of Kolkata and is visited by a large number of tourists and locals.

Heritage Of Coffee House


18. Heritage Of Coffee House: Things To Do In Kolkata

The Coffee House opposite College of the Presidency on College street, the oldest coffee house in Kolkata, occupies the vintage Phil of Kolkata, one of the traditional places of Bengal. Coffee, cutlet sandwich, etc. are available at much lower prices than other cafes. If you want to experience Manna’s famous line ‘That House of Coffee House’ sitting at the table to give a sip of a cup of coffee, you must go to the Coffee House.

Ferry Ride At Princep Ghat


19. Ferry Ride At Princep Ghat: Things To Do In Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the oldest places to visit in memory of James Prinsep. From here, many go to Pramod Yatra on the river, the river inaugurated from Prinsep Ghat to Kadamtala Ghat in the year 2002. This section is decorated with lights, gardens, fountains. The traditional ghat retains nineteenth-century nostalgia.

Amusing Aquatica Water Park


20. Amusing Aquatica Water Park: Things To Do In Kolkata

Aquatica is a water park built in the 21st century. Aquatica is situated in an area of ​​5 acres at Kochpukur in Razarhat. One of the main attractions here is the inflatable pool, where the feel of the beach is accessed through artificial waves. There are various rides that can be enjoyed in this water park, there is also a restaurant called Aqua Cafe in Aquitaine.

Fun Moment At Alipur Zoo


21. Fun Moment At Alipur Zoo: Things To Do In Kolkata

The Alipore Zoo, a popular tourist center in Kolkata, is the zoo’s largest gathering place in the winter season. On the opposite side of the zoo is an aquarium, with a variety of marine fish and organisms from all over the world.

Movie At Nandan Things To Do In Kolkata


22. Movie At Nandan: Things To Do In Kolkata

Nandan is a government theater and movie excellence center established in the 5th. Nandan developed the West Bengal film industry, which has a total of three auditoriums for displaying films in its main building, the number four auditorium used for seminars and press conferences. Nandan is the main venue of the International Film Festival in Kolkata.

Starry View At Birla Planetarium: Things To Do In Kolkata


23. Starry View At Birla Planetarium: Things To Do In Kolkata

At the Theater Road and Chowrangi Road crossing at Birla Planetarium. The dome is 5 meters high, with a projector in the hall, which is introduced to the constellations of the sky, revealing various mysteries of the cosmos. Birla planetarium is popular as an important tourist in Kolkata.

Glimpse Of Nature At Eco Park: Things To Do In Kolkata


24. Glimpse Of Nature At Eco Park: Things To Do In Kolkata

The 8-acre park, located in Rajarhat, Kolkata, is the largest park in India, with large reservoirs in the park, an island in the middle, a food restaurant, and a lodging hotel. There are a total of six gates in Echo Park. Near the gate of number four is the seventh wonder of the world.

Amusing Fun At Nicco Park: Things To Do In Kolkata


25. Amusing Fun At Nicco Park: Things To Do In Kolkata

Niccopark is one of the largest attractions of tourists in the state as a sprawling recreational park with a total area of ​​8 acres located in Saltkele. In addition to the many delightful rides, there are lakes for boating.

Learn At Indian Museum: Things To Do In Kolkata


26. Learn At Indian Museum: Things To Do In Kolkata

The museum, which is spread over an area of ​​about eight thousand square meters, is furnished in seven galleries in a total of eight collections of various types of art, archeology, anthropology, geology, zoology, botany.